Week 47 : If you died today would you be remembered?

We’d all like to think that after we died we would be remembered but other than maybe family I really don’t think I personally have made a lasting impression on anyway for them to care for much longer then it took to bury me.

It is a sad thing to think about but it is the truth.

You’ll always be remembered by those you are closest too but I personally haven’t actually met anyone that I’m that close too. Some friends will just think that I am having a tough time and maybe not know I’ve died until my sister maybe posts it online and work will find out faster but I doubt there is even a single person who would remember me by the end of the month.

That isn’t to say people should either.

You need to be able to make a impression on people’s lives and I just don’t think I have the personality or character to do so. You might miss me for a week even maybe a month or two but in the end I’m replaceable in most people’s lives.

Right now I don’t even think my mum would care that much. She spends most of her time replacing me and my sister with my cousin, allowing a 40 year old man to take advantage of her because who knows why so my death would effect my sister and my nine year old niece. I guess in that way I will be remembered but how long that lasts is difficult to say.

I never made a impact on this world, I don’t know anyone who would really care if I’m dead and my name would fade faster then most.

Depressing to think about but that is the way of the world.

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