Week 46 : What do you think would be humanity’s reaction to the discovery of extraterrestrial life?

Simple. We would either try and sleep with it or class it as a enemy and go to war with it…

Only a small part of me is even kidding.

Humanity see’s everything that they don’t understand as a threat, people say that it is a survival tactic but at this moment we’re even killing each other because we see each other as a threat.

Whilst the vast majority of humanity are kind, understanding and prone to great acts of courage, bravery and understanding in the face of terror and actual threats a whole bunch of them aren’t and see anything they fear as a enemy. Unfortunately most of humanity aren’t in charge and neither do we hear about them in day to day life. Those in charge are the ones who do their best keep the rest of us in fear and turn us against each other.

See how easy it is for them to do that with the fear of someone having a different colour skin or a different religious belief. Look at all the bullying over people being from a poor family or having ginger hair.

Now imagine something coming from another planet.

We can put ideas and fears inside people’s heads about actual humans so what about a race that will not speak a human language, will not look like us and will possibly have a different set of morals and beliefs.

Humanity will instantly want to go to war with them…

Then again at the same time look at how far humanity goes to find a way to achieve orgasms… I think even if the alien was ugly as hell or a giant blob there would be someone ready to try to rub it on themselves, rub themselves on it or stick it in them or them in it.

We are not a fit race to meet any other race to be plainly honest with you all!

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