5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #12

Another week and another episode of Loaded. Here are my 5 memorable, whether for good or bad reasons, moments of last weeks Loaded which included two title matches and SCC in action.

Lollipop fate!

The Magnificent Seven match continues to be filled via the strategy of lollipop picking. Obvious candidates for the match are thrown to the side whilst a bunch of unknowns, kind of, are given the chance that will catapult them ever higher in the DEFIANT world.

Whilst the match itself might not look that amazing compared to the other ones it is a good sign that DEFIANT are going to build new talent for the company after their huge loss of talent from WWE NXT:UK’s second talent grab but it was also a hilarious way of doing it that put Simon Miller in a great spot on a handful of episodes which I will never complain about.

Tag Teams still the best!!

Week after week now the tag division have stolen the show. Breath taking matches, great promos some wonderful stories being told and honestly… I’ve never been happier.

As a huge tag division fan I have to say DEFIANT have been brilliant since Loaded returned.

Still can’t be bothered with Kanji!!!

No matter what they do with Kanji I just can’t get behind her.

She’s not as good in the ring as pretty much everyone else on the roster, she’s horrible on the mic and there is no character. Even a character based on “I am me” needs to have character, that is your character. They tried with that two part “get to know Kanji” thing that personally put me off her because she came across as being annoying, not her fault of course, but they are also trying to hard to get us to care by having Bradshaw give us reason after reason to care when there just isn’t any reason.

No matter what happens next if she doesn’t lose the belt and then reinvent herself away from it for me she’ll always just be annoying.


It is what it is. You’ve waited so long for this 5 Things… blog and all you are getting is that Lucky Kid is precious.

Fight me.


It seems the next opponent for Rampage is going to be Rory Coyle and to be honest I’m all for it.

You see this is where Kanji goes wrong.

Coyle has a fantastic character so even though I’m not sold on him in the ring yet and might agree there are better candidates wrestling wise to get a title shot at the same time the character work and just the build to who he is and what he is doing is worth bypassing them and giving him all the love in the world.

Whether the match is going to be any good or not is another matter but the build for it should be cool and it should have some great moments.



I am behind on DEFIANT again because I’m a loser that can’t sort my emotions or life out but 5 Things… will return when I’m up to date. Hopefully I will get everything sorted and be back next week/this week depending on how late I actually post this but we’ll see.

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