The Promised Neverland : 130145

Episode 10

Norman now knows just how ridiculous the thought of escape is, it showed why someone like Isabella would pick being a Mom when she knows what is happening and made the story more sad then scary whilst still holding the tension and drama it had been building series long.

It was emotionally tough to watch this episode. We had to say goodbye to Norman as well as seeing Emma and Ray become despondent and just suffer on their own.

Which is kind of weird seeing Emma and Ray were friends too as was Emma and Gilda, so whilst I get that both of them were suffering losing Norman it seemed odd that they would split up and just not talk to each other. Obviously they haven’t given up half as much as they’d like us to believe, which is proof by the end of the episode, but after the goodbye to Norman it felt like the episode was trying to make us give up.

Perfectly played by them too.

We know we’ve got at least 2 more episodes and the days flew by until it was suddenly Ray’s birthday, the day that he was to be shipped out and killed. When we sat there watching Emma and Ray waste their time there was a bit of me that was like “they can’t make two episodes out of just watching Ray and Emma die” and by the end of the episode it is clear that isn’t what is going to happen.

The first half of this episode was so emotional it made up for the second half feeling like a bit of a drag, there was a decent conversation with Mom and Emma but other than that not much else to talk about.

One line in this entire thing had me going back to wondering what the hell the Mom’s have to go through. Isabella gave Emma the choice of being recommended for being a Mom and said something along the lines of she could have a child then see if she could become a Mom or a Sister for this house.

If that is true, something I thought might have happened in the first place, just think about what Isabella has gone through.

She isn’t that old so as a child she would have found out that she was being raised for death and there was no escape. She then went through the process to become a Mom that might entail her having to have a child of her own that also MIGHT have been torn from her to have the same fate as she did. After all that, after she compartmentalized all that mental torture and the knowledge that she could never escape the farms she suddenly becomes a actual Mom and has to love and care for a whole bunch of children for the rest of her life just to send them to their deaths.

We all love Emma for her positivity and energy but what if that WAS Isabella as a kid?

Emma had Norman and Ray what is Isabella was on her own, not one of those kids would have been able to get as far as they did without the other so Isabella on her own stood no chance. Everything she’s been through is horrific and she did it on her own compared to the three main children in this show. She isn’t evil, she isn’t a bad guy and she explains basically how she can do this in this episode.

It basically comes down to there is no hope so you either despair and die or continue and pour your love into the children that you happily hand over to their deaths.

The more I learn the more I actually feel real sorry for Isabella.

Oh and one more thing…

The Promised Neverland is wonderful at dangling things in our faces and leaving us wondering just what the hell this is or that. The above stuff about Mom for example being the perfect dangling carrot for our curious minds to try and fill in blanks. This episode had me screaming at the TV when Norman made his way to the carriage just to be taken into a side room and look shocked at what he saw, what is it that Norman saw we do not know but I am dying to know and this show gives you loads of moments like that which I will be sad if we never find out.

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