Mob Psycho 100 II : Collision ~Power Type~

Episode 10

Shōtotsu ~Pawā-Kei~” ( 衝突 ~パワー系~)

It all really got out of hand in the last episode and now we know the terror of what Mob, when he wakes up, and friends are facing whilst also knowing that Mob’s family are safe.

Thankfully because I wouldn’t want Dimple and Reigen to be hated by Mob for lying to him when they just wanted to make him feel better.

This episode made me cry.

Shigeo didn’t wake up till the closing moments of the episode which made the entire thing a fight for his sleeping life more then anything. It played out really well with every path that any of the characters were walking being blocked and sometimes destroyed by a member of the higher ups in Claw and it has made the entire war even more scary.

It was Shigeo’s friends putting their lives on the line for Shigeo though that made the episode so good.

First up Reigen. I loved how even Dimple pointed out that Reigen is the luckiest man on the planet, he’s got this whole group of people who think he’s super powered when in actual fact he has no potential at all and is a con man if anything else. Then when the going gets tough he actually goes out of his way to protect Shigeo, he had a clear path to escape but backed up to try and save his friend instead of running away. One thing we can never forget is that Reigen does care a whole bunch for Mob and he also is actually very brave when he has to be, in the end Dimple possesses Mob and tries to make a runner for it.

The Body Improvement club was what made me cry, they all tried to protect Shigeo and in the end it was the Captain who could have died trying to save him but did so anyway and even gave a pep talk to the unconscious Mob to tell him how him never giving up was what gave the club courage.

It was a sucker punch of absolute golden beauty that even though a lot of this season has been pointing out how far Mob has come from being this socially awkward nobody to the important part in a lot of people’s lives I just wasn’t expecting. When Mob was thrown away by the big Steroid guy I thought he would be awakened and save himself, when he landed in the arms of his team mates and they went on to fight for him I was actually just over come with how beautiful of a scene that really was.

Claw is scary though and that was the main thing we got from this.

Honestly Mob Psycho 100 was one of my favourite series when it first aired and season 2 has been just as good, this episode was perfect for building tension and drama and making the end goal look so far away for our heroes even though there are a whole bunch of heroes and not that many bad guys.

Some great comedy moments from Reigen, getting to know some of the Claw members better and just chaos all over the place.

Plus the main character was asleep for pretty much the entire episode.

It was just so good.

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