Dororo (2019) : The Story of Tahomaru

Episode 10


Now this episode is something I really am interested in. The title says it is the story of Hyakkimaru’s brother and it is about time we got to see something more of his brother.

I think I might have mentioned it before but the one character in this show that I am most intrigued by is Tahomaru.

He is a easy enough character to understand in many ways, he’s a spoiled kid from a war lord’s family in a country that is prospering. Even so his mother is distant for reasons he doesn’t know and now that things aren’t going so well he’s being treated in a manner he doesn’t like and doesn’t understand.

Underneath he seems like a really nice person. He wants to be a hero like his dad without knowing what his dad did to be the hero he is, he’s kind to people and whilst he see’s a opportunity in this episode to prove to his father that he isn’t a child anymore he still kind of wanted to help his people but also keep his friends safe.

Therefore you can’t really tell what way he is going to swing when the truth comes out.

He looks up to his father and might see his father as doing what he had to do for the people of his country. At the moment it feels that way but there is a part of me that wants to believe when he hears that his elder brother was sacrificed for that purpose with the very blatant fact that it could have been him as well that he will side with Hyakkimaru and want to be a better person than his father.

Then again his annoyance at his mother for being distant and knowing that it is because of Hyakkimaru might come into play.

I don’t know if we know ages but it was news to me because I don’t pay attention that Hyakkimaru is 16 therefore Tahomaru is still a child in all sense of the world. He might be a moody teen but he is nowhere near a adult and whilst in this period and this show his age might still make him a “man” in some senses he very much still wants his mother and father to pay him attention and to love him and whilst I think his mum does he doesn’t feel like she does because she’s still mourning a child that was taken from her.

On the one hand this episode showed a hero, a true leader who wants the best for his people.

On the other it also showed a petty child that wanted his parents attention and to be treated like a adult whilst remaining childish.

He’ll be the biggest road block for Hyakkimaru going forward because now the two are in the same place and the end to this series is imminent his reaction, what he finds out and how he see’s what is happening is going to be so important.

Will he just follow his father or will he help Hyakkimaru?

Will he even ever find out the truth?

I don’t know but he remains my favourite part of the series because he’s such a interesting character.

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