Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : If I May Shed Away My Burden Now [END]

Episode 24

Moshi Kyō Kono Nimotsu o Oroshi te Yoi no nara” (若し今日この荷物を降ろして善いのなら)

Here we are weeks away from the new season at Season 2’s ending. We’re still there with the three biggest emo queens of the series fighting it out to either destroy or save the city (or prove they aren’t a weak ass bitch or get someone to tell them they are proud of them… I mean their actual motives are pretty selfish and not really anything to do with the war no matter how much they bitch about them being all to do with the war…)

Bullshit ending.

I am not going to go on about it, I did write a long and angry review and deleted it because I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. I hated the fact that Kyoka’s test was basically to tell her there was a test, tell her how to pass the test and then tell her that the only way to save the day was to do what she had to do to pass the test.

It just wasn’t a fair test.

That being said I realised after ranting for so long that there actually is a bright side to the test being a bit bullshit and all that.

You have to think that all the mental hang ups that Nakajima and Kyoka were suffering from have been eliminated and now both know that the President’s power will allow them to have some sort of control over their abilities when we get to season 3 we no longer will have two small whiny bitches annoying the hell out of us opening up the door for them being much more rounded and interesting characters.

I hope so anyway.

This series is one of my favourites and whilst some of the stories and characters annoy the hell out of me overall I just love the concept and it looks like Hawthorne has befriended the Russian Literary greats and we have a whole new threat on its way. The fight with Fitzgerald seems to have brought Akutagawa closer to the Agency and there is a chance that the story brewing there is the relationship and bond that will rival Dazai and Chuya’s. Not only that but Edgar Allan Poe has appeared at the office to play games with Ranpo and seems to be allowed to stay there so we might just have added a new member to the Agency or at least a office pet that will hang out with Ranpo all the time.

I guess it wasn’t the best ending for me personally but we have to look forward and there is a bunch of stuff that could happen later on that is exciting.

Kinda just wish Nakajima had died and we could all move on.

It wasn’t a great ending, it had to end on a high note and it did but I just don’t like the characters that the highest notes were being played for. It grouped the three groups together after the war and showed slightly where they are all going but to be honest… For something that aired in 2016 it felt like too much of a anticlimax to be a end and for people who actually waited for 2019 I feel sorry.

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