The Promised Neverland : 031145

Episode 9

It is the day that Norman is going to be shipped out. How is he going to survive?

Once more what can I honestly say about this show?

You know all the time that nothing good is going to happen to them but it still manages to get your hopes up and then dash them all again.

Again the animation on this series is just perfect and the way they got across just how much Norman is struggling keeping things inside was wonderful, it really made the beginning of the episode and him being told to hide instead of just going with Mom even more dramatic. Norman is a brilliant character and the way that he tries to hide his weaknesses and emotions from the others is amazing but even this episode ended up breaking him.

That is because we finally learnt what is the other side of the wall.

It isn’t another farm, it isn’t a wasteland and in actual fact it looks like somewhere these kids can actually survive if they get over the wall.

Well it isn’t the wall that is the problem it is the fact that it is a fucking cliff the other side, just one giant drop to death awaiting them. It breaks Norman to the point that he walks straight back to Mom in time to be shipped off.

Does this give us a look into Isabella’s mindset?

Personally I think it does, like Norman she saw first hand that there was no escape so turned back and lived the best life that she could. Does she really love the kids? I think she does, what other choice in life does she have? If you want to live then this is the life that you unfortunately have to live and she does go out of her way to make sure that every child has a happy life. Of course there is the truth that the happier the child the better their development but Mom still has to be there and to make that happen. WE now see a darker side to her in every scene she’s in because we are in the know but before we knew you could see how much she adored the kids and I think she’s truthful in that part.

It is the world they live in that has made them the way that they are and Mom is just a part of this messed up reality that is their life. She knows that there is no way to escape, she didn’t by the looks of it have friends to help figure anything out. She was probably in Norman’s position and found out there was no escape and given the choice to move on and be where she is today and picked that over death, maybe she didn’t even pick that over death maybe she picked death over rocky horrible death and was “treated” to this kind of life instead.

You kind of saw this with Krone, they are humans with real feelings and just because we know that what they are doing is abhorrent doesn’t stop the fact that it is obvious they can’t fight the Demons and maybe this is actually saving humankind in some way. They have nothing else so to survive and live a long life they pick this over death and can we blame them? The kids are trying to escape rather than die and for Isabelle and Krone THIS was their way of escaping rather than dying. Can we really be that angry at them?

Which again adds even more horror into this whole thing in the mind horror way of things.

Krone was terrifying for the way she was animated, the way she moved and how her mood and actions yo-yo’d. She was a horror for the eyes but ended up being someone who whilst all her interactions with the children was terrifying actually was a victim too.

Isabella is so terrifying because she’s a real threat. She actually does know everything that is going on and is working in the shadows. Again though she was in their position as a child and this was the world that she was in and her way of surviving so whilst she’s flourishing in this world which for us is horrible and makes her a bad guy is she really a bad guy when this is her way to stay alive?

It hits you from all angles and has turned from being this horrifying story of survival to just this dark and dangerous world where the only survival seems to be through going down the path of the adults who are tormenting you in the first place.

Even saying they are tormenting the kids is wrong because they are actually being seriously lovely to the children and giving them the best upbringing possible.

It is just so difficult to understand my feelings towards what I’m seeing.

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