Grimms Notes : The Brother and Sister of Onigashima

Episode 8

Onigashima no kyōdai” ( 鬼ヶ島の兄妹)

No sooner had the question been raised of just how Tao and Shane are related we get a answer.

Probably one of the best episodes but crammed into one tiny story to get both Tao and Shane explained away which was a shame.

The Oni were beautifully drawn and the story went along at a decent pace and overall I thought it was a well put together story. Some of the others have suffered from giant leaps of logic and inability to remember what happened from story to story but this one was pretty decent.

Unfortunately it had two people’s stories to tell and ended up telling neither that well. Or maybe it did tell Tao’s well enough.

Him having nothing written in his book of fate wasn’t surprising, changing the fate of the main character was kind of surprising especially when no Chaos Teller was involved, I’d like to see that in more detail at some point but I doubt we will. After all we already know Ex got involved with Cinderella’s story and hers nearly went wrong because of a Chaos Teller not because of Ex so it was kind of a important part of the story that was kind of just brushed off by Momo being this all knowing wise ass.

How he met Shane and how they became so close was never explained and made the opening scene with them deciding to leave together quite baffling to be honest. Shane being a Oni with no fate or horns was interesting but again it was something brushed off in one sentence and that was basically it for that.

We did learn that time in the zones pass faster when you leave them so we now know that no one can actually really return to their zones even if they want too but it also meant that the current Momo is pretty annoying compared to the cool Momo that we see in Tao’s flashbacks. His story isn’t that interesting and again because everything is being rushed along it just kind of gets ruined. One moment we’re travelling with him, the next Tao decides to help the Oni with no real reasoning behind it, after that Momo is trying to kill us and whilst we can kind of see the strings of the story holding it together it is just rushed and pointless. We didn’t need the Oni subplot, it was basically there for someone to go “oh you are the fateless Oni with no horns” to Shane, what we did need and didn’t get was the connecting piece between Momo throwing Tao off a cliff in the past and him meeting Shane something we didn’t get.

It was a mess.

But for this series it was a decent mess.

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