Grimms Notes The Animation : Aladdin of the Burning Shield

Episode 9

Nessa no Arajin” ( 熱砂のアラジン)

We had a decent episode with too much story crammed into too little episode so you know what that means…

This episode, which I was looking forward too because I enjoy Aladdin, was a total wash out to the point that I gave up caring about it just after Aladdin died, yes Aladdin dies, and only tuned back in when Reina was crying and tuning the world.

It was the most pointless episode since Snow White.

Just everything about it was badly played out. Reina being so useless she honestly was going to die just from walking in a desert when no one else was, at first I thought she was being a wimp about it all but then she got ill and Aladdin died and she was meant to be in love with him and WHY DIDN’T THEY ACTUALLY TELL A PROPER STORY?!

It was Snow White ALL OVER AGAIN with the main character of the story world “falling in love” with one of the party but instead of Aladdin having a actual story his story was to die so that Reina could learn a difficult lesson that she basically already know.

And of course unlike Ex she fell in love with him just because he jumped in front of a bad guy for her.

Story telling at its absolute worse, once again completely ignoring everything we’ve learnt about the Story Zones and all the rest and made to give us some kind of back story to Reina and her hatred of Loki without actually being a interesting episode or just needing to exist.

I just don’t have enough words to describe how much of a shitty episode this was. Or how badly the whole series is put together.

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