The Rising of the Shield Hero : Melty

Episode 9

Meruti” (メルティ)

We have a Malty now we have a Melty. If things couldn’t get any more confusing then they already can be…

This was a great episode, before I go on I feel like I should point that out. It was a breathing gap between some rather heavy episodes with some fun moments and a nice introduction to Melty away from all the drama surrounding her family.

You see Melty is Malty’s younger sister but because of Malty’s personality Melty is the next in line for the throne.

Confused yet?

Why I felt I needed to say that the episode was good before I went on is because only the last part of the episode is worth talking about.

As a whole the episode was fun. It was full of great comedy moments, another fight between Naofumi and Motoyasu and as I said in the last episode another road block from Malty. Thankfully Melty put a end to it before too much harm was done because Motoyasu is incapable of seeing the damage he does when he starts being a dick mainly because he’s being egged on by Malty who is put in her place by her little sister in this episode and once more Motoyasu has his eyes opened to so much that Malty is trying not to let him see.

It was good.

But that ending was SO good.

It was short and sweet but it summed up everything that Naofumi has been through with the royal family.

Melty was introduced as a rich girl who needed to make her way back home and Naofumi helped her. She didn’t know who he was, he didn’t know who she was they just traveled together and for a little bit Naofumi had three daughters of varying ages around him. When she comes out and puts her sister in her place then actually informs Naofumi of who she is he instantly doesn’t care. He wants her gone.

It seems like a heartless move, it looks like Naofumi being a dick again and I’m sure in a way that will be how it plays out. Raphtalia might understand because she’s seen what he’s been through because of the Royal Family but Filo won’t and both will know that Melty isn’t Malty. Thing is he isn’t being a dick.

Malty had this entire thing planned, the whole “he’s a rapist” thing and her father, the King, backs her at every point. Every time he does anything the Royal Family as a whole has been there to try and stamp him down, make him the enemy and make people hate him. Regardless of what he has seen from Melty this far why would he trust her?

Remember episode one where we might have been able to see that Malty was using Naofumi but we didn’t know to what extent? We see her using Motoyasu every episode but even he’s blind to it. He hasn’t been burnt yet but Naofumi has, he was burnt and finds it hard trusting anyone but why would he even consider helping or trusting a member of the Royal Family?

I’m not saying he won’t come around in the end, that is the point of him travelling with Raphtalia and Filo, but this was the perfect reaction to a man who was forced to come to this world, can’t return to his own and is treated like a criminal by Melty’s family which then bleeds into the rest of the world. Everything wrong in Naofumi’s life is due to him putting trust in Melty’s sister and the pain and suffering her sister and father have since decided to rain down on him. Regardless of what happened on their way to the city how does he know it isn’t going to be the same as when Malty was “helping” him? Even then if he agrees that she isn’t like her family why would he want to help her? Why make things more difficult for himself if he’s siding with one half of a warring family? What is going to be in it for him getting involved with this whole mess?

As I said it was short. She didn’t get to finish what she was saying before he reacted in anger and the pain in her movements and face said it all.

It was just one of the most perfectly animated scenes I’ve ever seen and I really loved it.

So whilst the episode might not have been one of the best in the world, it was great fun and easy to watch. Something light in the middle of Raphtalia getting cursed with a zombie Dragon running around and what looks like something big and political that Naofumi is about to be dragged into. Every episode of the series has been great or better then great and this is no exception but whilst I might have spent the entire review talking about how funny something like thinking Filo had eaten a human is instead my entire focus was left on this one perfectly executed moment that just showed the pain of Naofumi as well as possibly the sincerity of the character of Melty.

It elevated the episode from great to amazing.

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