The Promised Neverland : 021145

Episode 8

Isabella is up to something and it looks like Krone is in big trouble.

This episode was one of the best episodes of the series but it also had one thing wrong and that was a shame because it kind of ruined it a little for me.

I don’t really know where to start with this one.

Krone’s backstory was beautifully played out in a short sequence flashing back into her life with haunting music playing over the top and the present time line of Krone trying to fight back against the Demons and Isabella having a meal with the kids interjected into it. The entire thing was just beautiful and sad.

It also gave me a few questions which I’ll pose at the end.

Next up though it was like the break down of Isabella.

I don’t know if Krone and what she knew forced their hands or this was always going to be the outcome but Norman is to be shipped out the very next day and whilst Krone is gone it seems that Ray is also soon to be gone as he is unceremoniously dumped by Isabella too. I think the use of a stupid music piece over the top of Mom going to find Norman and Emma really messed the ending of the episode up for me because it took me out of the episode but it also kind of made me focus more on Mom then ever before and to be honest she looked like she had lost control and knew it so was just trying to get some back.

For a change the Cliffhanger didn’t work.

Whilst I am worried that Norman might not make it out and the scene with Isabella breaking Emma’s leg and carrying her back to the house was chilling I had been taken out of the moment and that special uniqueness that The Promised Neverland usually held due to its fantastic use of silence and ambient noises to build dramatic scenes was very much missed.

Thing is that it is all questions! I’m left with so many.

We still really know little to nothing about the world in general. There are humans out there, that we know, but in what capacity they are out there we don’t know. Whilst we kind of know about the Moms and the Sisters now it still leaves a lot of questions about how they pick who goes on and what exactly they know of the outside world.

Krone seemed set in her last moments to make sure the kids had a way out, she’s left something for them in one of their bedside tables so whilst she spent this whole time being the creepy one and I was sure she was going to have everyone and everything shipped out if she could it turns out that she actually wants them all to escape for some reason. What does she know that she never told us?

Did she really know what was beyond the wall because I’m pretty sure that Isabella does.

When Krone is talking to Grandmother there is a flash that suggests that Grandmother was Isabella’s Mom and that Isabella once climbed the wall and saw what was on the other side. Many questions arise just from that. What did she see is the obvious one, but what could she have seen that made what she is doing now better then what she saw on the other side of the wall?

Breaking Emma’s leg was a way to stop them from doing what they were doing but at the same time did she do it to truly stop them from trying to escape or simply to stop them seeing over the wall?

You might ask what is the difference but there was a fleeting moment of fear on her face and if seeing what was on the other side of the wall was enough to send her on her path then it has to be something that will honestly set their minds on a path. She knew that Norman was being sent out the next day, she never had to tell anyone about that, she also knows they want to escape with everyone so she didn’t need to stop them in fear they would just escape so she must want them to NOT see the other side of that wall.

What is on the other side of the wall?!

Also… I honestly would like to know if Mom really loves the kids. She said she did and I feel like I believe that, she’d taken down the walls and dropped the act by this time and I really feel like what she said had to be believed so again… If I take her for her word what the hell is going on in this world that she’d rather they were given a maximum of 12 years of happiness before being eaten.

What the hell happened to Isabella?

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