Mob Psycho 100 II : Show Me What You’ve Got ~Band Together~

Episode 9

 “Misete Miro ~Shūgō~” ( 見せてみろ ~集合~)

I will continue to go on about that bloody cliffhanger until I die but until then let us see what the conclusion was.

Honestly I can not speak highly enough of this episode.

We are heading to a full on war and this episode made it clear that whilst the enemy might be someone we already know we can’t rest easy thinking that Shigeo will be able to deal with all this.

So many things happened in such a short space of time I don’t even know where to start if I’m honest.

Shigeo just blew, he’s at 100% emotionally and whilst Dimple is able to talk him down a little and Reigen’s agreement with Dimple was enough to let him relax it was just amazing watching him go on a one man crusade. He’s now on a team with all the Scars guys he beat up last season who now all think Reigen is the dogs bollocks as well as the kids from last season. You’d think they would be enough to take down the bad guys but oh no just you wait!

Claw is back and in a ridiculous way to show off how strong the Ultimate Five is we see foreign espers brought in just to be beat down by the Ultimate Five and send chills down all our collective spines at just how powerful Claw now is.

If that isn’t enough Shou is actually trying to take down his dad too and has Ritsu with him and has sent Mum and Dad to a hot spring.

Just so much going on and it is pretty terrifying to think what these groups could do if they put their mind to it.

It was a episode full of action, really decent action too. Sometimes episodes like this come out of nowhere and have all the big fights and explosions just for the heck of it but this episode built the tension and drama and was so well timed it actually wringed all the emotions out of me it could.

Seeing Shigeo explode last episode to be talked down by Dimple was great, I liked that he was able to hear Dimple and trust him enough to calm down a little. That was followed by what a completely in control but emotionally distressed Shigeo can do and honestly it was terrifying. All this made the moment when Reigen realised that Dimple was lying but still agreed with him to make Shigeo feel better so much more emotional.

I won’t lie I cried. The small change of expression from Shigeo, that moment like he finally let go of the breath he was holding it was just perfect. It isn’t something you really think you’ll see from a show like this when you watch it but it was just so perfectly played. Even after that the comedy moment of them having their dinner and missing Claw announcing their plan to take over the world was just a perfectly placed moment. THESE are our heroes and even though the world is in danger the very being of their dorky souls are going to be there.

With Claw it really was just the perfect power play. At first I was kind of left cold thinking what was the point of bigging up the foreign espers just to have them basically be destroyed moments later without really seeing what they had to offer and the point I guess was to show us that it doesn’t matter who leaves the organisation if you are against Claw then you’ll lose and they’ll replace you with ever stronger members. It was a power play that actually left me pretty worried they won’t be able to be beaten.

Ritsu is still a tiny star all on his own, there is never enough Ritsu. He’s had some of the best moments in both series and his concern for Shigeo and anger at Shou before he even knows what Shou has done is great. Honestly I’m not that interested in that group but I want to see what happens to Ritsu.

Overall it was just a fantastic episode building up a war that I guess we knew was coming but at the same time I never thought was going to be this great.

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