Dororo (2019) – The Story of the Merciless

Episode 9


Dororo and Hyakkimaru have been through a lot in their short time together but the bond the two have is stronger then you might think as this episode proves.

To be honest I had never really thought about Dororo being more then what, as it turns out, she is. I guess I always knew there would be back story and it wouldn’t be a happy one but I never really thought just how riveting it would be or how heartbreaking it was.

It didn’t take a genius to work out her family was dead but what she’s had to endure is in some ways worse then what Hyakkimaru has had to.

This war took everything from Dororo. First up her village was destroyed which led her family on the road to being bandits, the group they were in turned on her father and left the three of them to fend for themselves which they did until the father died. The mum then went as far as having boiling hot soup poured into her hands to feed Dororo but still died and all this because of a war that had nothing to do with the farmers or the commoners but which affected them more then it did anyone else.

Dororo saw everything she had taken away from her and the scene where she was crying over her mothers dead body begging her to be OK and that she’d never say she was hungry again was just so painful to watch.

This is a little kid that has been forced on this path and watched everyone she loved die for what?

Now Hyakkimaru might have had his entire body torn to pieces by demons but he grew up knowing no other way. It is sad but in a way he never suffered. He never had pain till recently, sure war took away the annoying singing girl from him but that was short lived anyway. This is Hyakkimaru’s life and whilst it is horrible to think that this is what his father left for him he has known nothing else.

Dororo has and she’s had everything torn away from her and still finds the time not just to survive but to help others and care.

She hasn’t lost what makes her human at all even though she’s seen the worst of humanity.

I really liked that they used saturated colours to make the blood red of the fires, blood and flowers really stand out in the flashback. It really made it even more impactful and worked really well.

I guess now that Hyakkimaru knows that Dororo is a girl we might see something come of that, he seems unwilling to mention it to Dororo and I’m not sure if he has the inner knowledge of the difference between boys and girls to care if Dororo is male or female to be honest, Dororo is just his sidekick and the constant presence in his life and I don’t think it’ll matter to him.

Really like that it seems to have made them closer.

Then I’ll be wrong and it’ll end up being something that tears them apart.

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