Grimms Notes The Animation : Gerda and the Snow Queen

Episode 7

Geruda to yuki no joō” ( ゲルダと雪の女王)

I am still confused over the ending of the last episode but we move on this time to another story I don’t know so well, that of the Snow Queen.

In many ways it was the perfect episode to have after Snow White and for that reason alone it was such a disappointing episode in general.

The biggest problem I had was that this episode was just boring as hell.

I don’t really know much about the Snow Queen and I get that Gerda was meant to be emotionless but the entire episode was a struggle to watch, it just marched forward in the most boring of ways possible. Why can’t things about Ice and Snow Queens be fun? Why do they always have to be boring like this episode and Frozen?

Even the family didn’t do much during the episode. It was meant to show a little more character in regards to Shane but it didn’t. I don’t know if I have missed something but it seems Tao and Shane are actually brother and sister or at least have a strong enough bond that they see each other that way but it didn’t do anything for me even though I like Shane and Tao.

I did like the fact that as long as they are the same class the group CAN change their bookmark character. Really liked Tao being Don Quixote and even the fact that we got Quixote and the girl he made up as well as Snow White and the Queen.

But it was just boring.

The Priestess of Chaos talks about listening to the voices inside the characters, the ones who are going to have it hardest. Red Riding Hood having to be eaten, Silver never fulfilling his dreams and in this case the Snow Queen being forever alone and they help them. The others act like they don’t agree but didn’t they do exactly the same thing in the last episode? They heard the pain of Snow White and how Snow White and the Queen were just living to their books and how hard it must be for them and changed their fate?

Why was that not pointed out?

It was the biggest downer on a episode that really didn’t have anything going for it.

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