Grimms Notes The Animation : Ex and Snow White

Episode 6

Ekusu to shirayukihime” (エクスと白雪姫)

More random adventures in Story Zones, this time obviously with Snow White.

It was a bit of a strange one.

On one hand it was just a really random episode, there was no Chaos Teller in this one and it was just living, kind of, the story of Snow White from just after she bit the apple the Queen gave her.

After that it turned into the Family doing… Basically what the Chaos Tellers do which is change the story.

It was funny but at the same time it was stupid.

Like I got that it was meant to be feel good but it just made me really angry because it was so wrong at the same time. Everything they did was changing the fate of Snow White and the Queen something that Chaos Tellers do which begs the question what is the difference between them stopping Snow Whites story and the Chaos Tellers stopping Red Riding Hood being eaten or letting the Fairy Godmother save Cinderella and maybe even Ex having Cinderella fall in love with him?

Where is this line where it is safe to change someones fate or not?

Not only that but this is a complete loop now. Snow White turns INTO the Queen so every Queen is meant to be made the way she ends up by the mirror and every Snow White needs to forget they loved the Queen by falling asleep for long enough. This is what I don’t get with these books SURELY they would just not work?

Red Riding Hood made sense because Red tried to change her fate knowing her fate sucked balls.

Snow White knew her fate and knew that her next self would do the same horrible things to her because she did the same horrible things to her and all of this before it all happened.

This is where the Books of Fate really fall apart as a logical thing.

Or maybe not. I mean the Books of Fate are easy enough and make sense in some worlds more then others. Red Riding Hood isn’t the only one that was trying to change her fate, Silver was too. He saw that his dreams would never be realised and wanted to change that, does that make him a bad guy? No his Book of Fate made him a bad guy and he just did the wrong thing trying to change his book so he got a happy ending.

So why… Why is it that according to the Family Tao the only person so far they’ve met that deserves a happy ending is Snow White?

Is this because a Chaos Teller hadn’t already been there? Is it because the Chaos Tellers don’t do it in a “nice” way?

It didn’t actually give us a reason other then because the good guys were doing it then it was fine. I’d like to think that they’ll come back to this point at some future moment in the series but I doubt it.

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