Mob Psycho 100 II : Even Then ~Continue Forward~

Episode 8

Soredemo ~Mae e~” (それでも ~前へ~)

After a few weeks of drama we have a nice little episode where Mob decides to run a marathon to win the heart of his beloved Takane…

Just that wasn’t all that happened.

It was a feel good episode with lots of heart in it like most Mob episodes are. People banding together to help this ridiculously lovely young man who set his heart on being in the top 10 of the school marathon so he could ask the girl of his dreams out was good heart fodder. It filled you with all the love that you could ever need.

The Psychic club all running because Mob was, the belief in him from everyone and even when he failed the pride from just about everyone was just the greatest feeling ever.

Then Shou showed up at Mobs front door.

Immediately Mob Psycho Episode 8 wins the cliffhanger award so far for this year giving us something I didn’t think we’d see. No matter what comes  next, and I’m trying so hard not to say anything about it because I’d rather never be accused of spoiling one of my now all time favourite cliffhangers for someone who might not have seen it, it has at least for the time being changed the complete tone of the series from something that could be serious but always kept its light hearted nature to something that you can no longer and should never be able to predict just what is going on.

There are many ways the show can go from now and how this cliffhanger could play out but that doesn’t matter because the way that it was built up is enough to make you forget just what you are watching and believe for a entire week or however long this story goes for that the worst has inevitably happened.

It was a cliffhanger out of nowhere.

The entire episode was built to make you feel good about life. Seeing all these people working hard to help Mob just because Mob is a nice guy, seeing his parents so proud of him and seeing him growing so much. It was a episode to show off just how far Mob has come this season. Even after the Marathon you go to his house and see his family just so proud of him. Then something happens, then you get the brief relief that the worst hasn’t happened before the grim fate of the worst happening being thrown at you.

Again the worst might not have happened but it was realistic enough to cause some very serious strain in the life of Mob and that is all that matters.

I really liked this episode, I like that more characters from season one have returned and I like that Mob’s world kind of all came together. Its biggest strength was giving us a false sense of security before plunging us into something much more serious that we might not have thought possibly for a Mob Psycho episode.

Fantastically played.

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