Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : Magical Girl Operations Development Unit

Episode 7

Mahō Shōjo Tokushuusen Kaihatsu Butai” ( 魔法少女特殊戦開発部隊)

I know somehow I never ever manage to make time for this show but we had a really good episode 6 and I have been looking forward to episode 7 I just haven’t had time to watch it as well as doing other things. But here I am! Here I am to watch it and tell you all about it…

We get to meet yet another of the Magical Five and also get to see just how much of a adorable team M Squad are whilst also showing off that they are bad ass as hell.

First up though I guess we have to talk about the biggest theme that runs through this series which is its attempts to portray differing types of PTSD. I think it is important to remember that Asuka especially seems to be suffering from it more then any of the other girls that survived, we saw her have a break down in front of the Magical Five in the middle of their battle after losing so many friends in such a short time and those feelings of her not being able to do anything to help as well as the fear that freezes her at the thought of losing people she loves is something that we’re now seeing in her day to day life with M Squad.

With Sayako I think it has been perfectly dealt with but I feel they have a much bigger problem trying to do that with Asuka and whilst people will say that she doesn’t have PTSD at all and these are just meant to show her weaknesses it IS PTSD and I for me the series it self is going to be judged a little but on how they handle her.

She always wanted to be a Magical Girl and when she was one she wasn’t able to be the Magical Girl off the TV. She was a solider and like all wars she lost a lot of people around her but unlike the others it really made her suffer a whole bunch. She’s now at the point where just the thought of losing someone on her team stops her in battle and whilst Kurumi kind of roughly brought her back to her senses it is something that I kind of want the series to deal with better for Asuka. I want to see their squad leader working with her now knowing that she freezes in battle or at least Kurumi trying to help her instead of it coming over as a weakness instead of something that remains a traumatic experience in her life.

You’ll probably hear a whole bunch more about that as the weeks go on I guess.

This episode was really action packed, it was nice to actually see the random creatures from the other world even if it was briefly and terrifying to see what kind of weaponry is being sent over. The fact it is dangerous and can transform people for life into things like the giant teddy bears is one thing, the fact that little kids can get their hands on it and become killing machines is another and again even though I knew that the girl was either going to be murdered or have her arm reattached watching Asuka cut the girls arm off and her then screaming for her mum was hard to watch.

I guess though it was in a good way.

They want this war between Humanity to be horrifying to the point that it is more horrible to live through then that of whatever it was that happened three years ago. The fights are more difficult yes but I think what they really want to put across is that it is even worse because for these people they aren’t just fighting monsters anymore but humanities own monsters created in their own world by normal people.

What makes a little girl want to pick up a magical weapon and kill people?

What is so important in someone’s life that they would use teleportation pills that could kill them in the most horrible way and then turn into a monster never to be human again rather then just not do all this in the first place?

What horrors could someone see that would make them want to burn the world down?

For some it’ll be too much but I get what they are trying to show. They are trying to show this “More Terrible War” by hitting us in the hardest way. For us seeing a innocent school girl being tortured is hard, to see a kid crying for its mom after having its hand cut off is horrible even if that kid is a bad guy but it has to get across that this world is being made a horrible place where this kind of thing is used in wars between humans just to get new scary equipment or send a message to someone.

Within the episode it changed from a lovely little day in the shop with M Squad getting to know each other to people being murdered in the most brutal way and I kind of liked the contrast but at the same time I think sometimes, and by the preview of next week probably next week is going to hit this home more then any episode, it doesn’t get the balance or the cut off point just right.

Liked the episode though.

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