Dororo (2019) : The Story of Saru

Episode 8

After a great episode that turned our thinking on its head we continue our journey elsewhere and this time encounter a giant bug in a cloud.

I really do like how they play with Hyakkimaru’s senses, when he wins them back he doesn’t just automatically react like he had them all along. We saw it with his hearing being too painful and we haven’t really heard him say much other then the name of the girl he fell in love with and a few grunts. That continues briefly with his sense of smell at the end of the episode but what I liked was that he’s suddenly starting to use these senses and figure out how to bypass problems he hasn’t had before using things he never had to solve them with before now anyway.

In this episode his strange sense of vision is for the first time completely obscured, the centipede that they are fighting covers itself in a black cloud that being a byproduct of itself means that it is a constant wall of red around Hyakkimaru. Without any actual help from Dororo he is able to basically figure out echo locationing, the ability to figure out where the centipede is by chucking stuff off if it until he gets a good idea of just where it is. With help then from Dororo who seems to have taken a personal interest in this one due to the new friend in the episode, Saru, they are able not only to beat the centipede and stop a tradition older then they are of the villagers basically killing off people to feed to the cloud whenever it showed up but also to save Big Sis in the process.

Saru was a great character. He was a wild child, left on his own when his parents died and for some reason shown nothing but hatred by the villagers who didn’t like him much. For why I don’t know but the kid was abandoned and the only villager who cared was Big Sis. It obviously touched on a subject that hurt Dororo which made him extra interested in helping and it had a happy ending which was nice.

Just a bog standard episode. A problem needed to be fixed and whilst the nose coming back was interesting it was the fact that Hyakkimaru for the first time is showing he is now aware that one person is there with him all the time.

The Priest told us when he first encountered them that he didn’t really have a grasp on the world around him just when things are a threat or not a threat and he saw Dororo as not a threat and therefore allowed him to follow him, like we would a stray dog, not that he’d have any choice in the matter. With his hearing back he for the first time realised that the presence was more then just some unthreatening blob but someone who actually cared enough to want to be there with him and whilst to a point he already knew that having already given Dororo and the Priest his name him actually talking to Dororo and saying his name is the final piece of acknowledgement from Hyakkimaru that we need to know that he is fully aware of his side kick and WHO his sidekick is as well.

That was a nice touch at the end of the episode.

Overall it was a pretty average one but I liked the touch at the end.

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