Anime Highlights Week 7

Again I’m sorry it is a little late but last week was a pretty amazing week overall and here were some of the highlights.

All life matters! Or how a monster spider and a man can fall in love I guess…

At the beginning of the week Dororo gave us a sweet love story between a life force sucking spider monster and a man who believed that all living things mattered no matter what they are.

Really enjoyed the story, I liked how it was twisted but also how it made us question everything we see. We already saw the horrors that humans can do but it was nice that we also got to see the change and kindness in monsters.

It was honestly a nice story even if it felt a little rushed. A story of a monster that must have spent its entire life seeing the worst in humans just for one man to show her the kindness that she needed to change her life, she wasn’t a life taker and she wasn’t evil but she saw Hyakkimaru as a threat and therefore he saw her as a threat and the misunderstanding between the two left them fighting.

Could do with more stories like this to be honest in everything.

Why oh why Reigen?

Mob Psycho didn’t make me quite as happy though.

I have always been a fan of Reigen, the quick thinking con man who underneath it all kind of had a heart. In this episode though all his strengths were wiped away and we were left with him…

Nearly destroying his entire livelihood because he was being dumb.

I didn’t get it, I didn’t like it and I was disappointed.

Actually bloody terrifying in the most subtle of ways!

The Promised Neverland does it well every week but I think the Rising of the Shield Hero managed to do it a little bit with the plants becoming parasytic and actually attacking the villagers leaving them looking like they were about to turn into trees.

Both that moment and the enterity of The Promised Neverland, both of which I watched back to back so that I could edit Luc’s review of Shield Hero, could have if I wasn’t a huge fan of horror stop me from sleeping for a week.

As it was it just made me appreciate the little things both series do to get their story over.

Throwbacks make me happy!

The Shield Hero throwing back to that seed. I know it was obvious but sometimes anime do things like that and never follow up on it but when I found out that the Spear Hero had taken that seed it just made me laugh way too long.

Like moments like that.

My HOT TAKE on children wanting to sleep with their master!

I am not as miserable as Luc about it I guess but I do kind of agree with him in that this one might be too much.

Honestly want Naofumi to continue to look at both as children because whilst Raphtalia might be leveling and growing Filo isn’t. Naofumi isn’t from this world and he’s shown that he has no real interest in anything like that and whilst I think he’ll be super protective of both of them I just don’t want to see him fall in love with someone who a few short months earlier would have been a child to him. It isn’t something I’m interested in and in a way it is bugging me like it is Luc but I also kind of find it funnier then he does.

All the heart eyes for Motoyasu even if he is a dick…

Totally agreed with everything Luc said about Motoyasu this week. Love that boy even if he’s a massive dick at the moment and hope SO REALLY HOPE that when the penny drops we get a good story to show that he is, deep down, a decent human.

M Squad are dorks and I love them too!

Following on from Motoyasu and his attempts at being a good guy that he doesn’t realise is making him a villain we have M Squad from Magical Girl Spec-Ops and oh boy do I love them. Their introductions to each other were adorable as were their reactions to feeding Asuka out of date rations.

You just had to fall in love with them.

On top of that seeing how close they seem to be and how well they work as a team makes it difficult knowing that the way this show is going we’ll probably be losing at least one of them by the end of the series. It is sad but one of those dorks must die because it’ll just be weird not to see one of them die at this point.

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