Week 44 : What is the most tragic thing happening in the world right now?

Last week I tackled the happy in the world and showed off some of the nice things going on that I could find in the papers to spread some positivity.

This week I’m not going to inundate you with news articles on the bad that is happening because you already see that, its the sensational and depression headlines that papers shill to sell their work.

This week I’m going to tell you what I think is the most tragic thing happening in the world right now…

Personally I see every day things like the papers, memes on social media and just people in general trying to draw lines in the sand, stick people in boxes and keep us all in lines that don’t interact with other lines.

Instead of being proactive in the world and trying to engage with people and bring all sides together, find a middle ground and work from there people are so busy being outraged on someone’s behalf and shooting down any question under the guise of “well it might not be a question just someone being a dick” that there is no dialogue happening between ANYONE just shouts of discrimination and hatred whilst winding up the people in the middle and making everyone look at everyone else like enemies.

It is sad.

You have it in politics. Politicians don’t want you to debate each others policies, they don’t want to talk about what happens next or what the people want they want you to hate the other party. You see it all the time around elections. Posts go up on Facebook “if you are a Tory/Labour supporter delete me because I don’t want to be your friend” but why?!

We are so stuck in our own moral world that we don’t want to hear what “excuse” someone else has for thinking differently but that closes us off. If we don’t hear from them and they don’t hear from us then we can’t come together in the middle and figure out what the whole country wants to demand it from all the politicians and you know what? THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT! They don’t want a discussion between a moderate Labour and Tory supporter that dissects both policies and finds the good, bad and ugly of both parties because it would mean that they themselves can’t base their elections on “but you know that the Tories are evil racists that want to kill poor people” or “Labour want to give all our money to students and the poor and make us the EU’s bitch.”

Politicians get paid so much money but their main job seems to be to completely stop intelligent debate between normal people and instead install fear and hatred.

Why did you befriend someone on Facebook if their political view is really enough to delete them?

If that person has been in your life for 10 years and obviously is a decent, hard working person but maybe has a view on ONE THING that they know that this party cares more for then another party then why tar them with a stereotyped brush and end that friendship?

Because sowing hatred between friends, family and neighbours is how politics works. When you are too scared, too busy pointing fingers and getting outraged at things that aren’t completely true then you aren’t coming together and realising that each party is just in it in some kind of vanity thing to be the leaders of this country.

But it can be simpler then that!

I don’t do Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter because I hate seeing posts like “If he ain’t calling you 24/7 he ain’t the one” because it breeds this need in humans for people to spend all their time on them. It makes people selfish and just how stupid would you look if you broke up with someone because a meme told you too “but look 1.7k people agree?” so what?

What if that person is going through something they didn’t want to bother you with and whilst your problem might have been big for you theirs was even bigger?

What if they were genuinely just busy?

Some of them can be uplifting, some of them can actually be nice but there is a whole bunch of them that are just selfish drivel that can end up becoming someones mantra and make them look at the world in a much more horrible way then they do.

As for the “outrage culture” I know I’ve said it in this post but I am all for the world getting a shake up. Those at the top need to open their eyes to the people below them being people and we need to stop looking at us in boxes. Men, Women, Gay, Straight, Black and White… Those barriers need to be broken down in a world that is growing rapidly. Humans need to start looking at each other like humans but instead you have people terrified of what to say because the goal posts are changed daily and something that was polite one day can be seen as rude the next.

These stories of women “taking back power” by being rude bitches on buses and trains. “Look at those men who take up so much room keeping their legs open, I’m going to throw things over them to make my point” no you’re not making a point! You aren’t making a point in any way shape or form. My partner struggles to close his legs on buses because the seats are so cramped and he’s over 6 foot tall, he’d rather if you wanted to sit down stand up and give you the space then continue sitting but he is also minding his own business and listening to music so doesn’t know that there are no more seats or that you are going to be a bitch about him cramming his 6 foot frame into a space meant for a child.

Not to mention the amount of FEMALES who put 20 bags of shopping next to them on trains and buses. What do these women do when they get on there and see that? Would you still assault that woman in the name of equality?

Also when did opening doors become a sign of disrespect?

I’ve PERSONALLY seen people get annoyed when someone has kept the door open for them politely but this isn’t a “man opening door for women” thing at all. I keep the door open if I’m first through it for people coming behind me, it was the polite thing I was taught to do because you know unlike people ready to jump at any man for any little thing in the name of feminism (it isn’t feminism girls it is purely you being a ass hole) I have bloody manners!

There constantly needing to be a side for things.

Can’t two people be in the wrong at the same time over one has to be wrong and everyone under the sun taking one side. There can be a obvious problem with one over the other but that doesn’t make either a victim or either to blame it is just human nature to confront each other and calmer heads need to prevail?

No we need to go on witch hunts online, dox people, plaster their names and faces all over social media just so that we feel better.

What does it do?

It means people who might actually feel for one side will then become more hardened to their side, it means that they are more likely to feel ostracized from society and pick a different path and it means when they talk to friends about it they’ll fall out being on the “wrong side” of a argument that shouldn’t BE a argument it should be a discussion of WHAT WENT WRONG WITH OUR WORLD?!

For me the tragic thing in the world today is that there are so many good people but there is a prevailing trend that to be a good person you need to be angry at the wrongs in the world instead of going out there and living by example. That the world should fall into a certain way and people live their lives the way others think they should. We’ve forgotten that most humans exist in a gray area of not being right or wrong but just human and we strive for perfection from everyone whilst ourselves not being perfect.

Instead of embracing a opposing viewpoint we instantly draw up a barrier and go to war over something that could actually open many people’s eyes and make the world a better place.

People in power want us to be at war with each other because whilst we can’t agree, when we don’t get on they can do what they want and just blame it on a faceless foe that doesn’t exist but turns out the very next day to be your own sister or brother due to a Facebook post they liked two days prior.

THAT is the tragedy in the world today.

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