The Promised Neverland : 011145

Episode 7

At some point they were going to be caught and they were. Whilst Mom Isabella already knew now so does the even scarier in a more outright way Sister Krone.

This episode was probably the most in your face, skin crawlingly scary episode of them all. It just made you uncomfortable to be watching it and nothing outwardly creepy happened.

It is just Sister Krone.

The animation on her, the way they have her move and smile, talk and change her tone just makes her one of the creepiest and unnerving characters you’ll ever come across. I keep saying you can not compare Krone and Isabelle and that is because you can’t and shouldn’t either. Isabelle is a quiet threat that we’ll never see the trump card for whilst Krone is the jump scare Queen. You never quite know what you will get with Mom but Sister wears it all out there.

So this makes this episode twice as sad because by the end of it Ray is able to maneuver it so that Sister Krone is transferred out of the farm leaving only the quieter threat of Mom behind.

Back to its wonderful heights the episode was a chess master class between Krone and the kids, one that she ultimately was able to win in some ways. The conversation between her, Norman and Emma was fascinating as she told the children how certain females at 12 would be shipped away to become Sisters/Moms and that there is indeed a human civilization out there whom provide the clothing and toys for the kids but doesn’t really go into any more detail. Her plan is to find evidence she can take to the higher ups to prove that the kids are going to escape to bring down Mom, something they were unprepared for even though they knew it was coming and giving away the fact that they already knew about the tracking devices and where they were by not actually reacting at all to her telling them that.

The interaction was tense, again very difficult to watch especially with the strange cuts to her doll thing and the noises they used when they cut to it. Her randomly moving all the time and just the way she moved was off putting and the realization that she’s telling the kids a lot whilst at the same time no one really knowing if she was telling the truth is terrifying.

It also brought a lot of questions up regarding what the actual set up of the world is like. If there are humans outside the walls then why are they allowing kids to be farmed? Whose kids are they? Why do certain kids grow up to be Moms? The Moms and Sisters of the world aren’t allowed to leave the area they are in devices in their bodies that will kill them if they leave certain boundaries meaning that Sister Krone had always been within a certain distance of this farm but where she was and what she was doing might never be told to us.

Not only that but if true it gives the kids two big hints at what they need to do next.

First up they can not kill Mom. The Demons will know if Mom is killed.

Secondly when they leave the walls of the farm they won’t have to worry about Mom coming after them or finding them because she simply can not leave.

I’m sad if that is the end of Krone to be honest but I am also interested to find out what was on the paper she found and not only that but if she truly believes she’s found something what she’ll do with that evidence. It’ll be baffling if we don’t see something of her in the next episode but we’ll have to wait I guess.

Truly unsettling once more I love the way they build this story up.

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