DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #12

Two championship matches both of which I’m not too happy about but that should at least be interesting. The fall out to Simon Miller and his new assistant causing havoc as well as SCC in action…

Loaded 12 looks like it’ll be interesting!


So Miller is still picking his Magnificent Seven picks with a lollipop draw. We get Benji and Deiress entered but both Dunne and Omari pick red lollipops and ended up squaring off when Omari points out he’s having fun.

Loved the Omari/Dunne bit, so well done which sounds stupid seeing it was such a short piece but so often, especially recently with Omari stories, even short and simply easy things to get a story moving in one way or the other is messed up in DEFIANT so nice to see this going well.

What I will say is that I usually look forward to the Magnificent Seven match but I’m not sure if I am looking forward to it or just interested in seeing who wins. Whilst I like the guys in it none of them are big names for DEFIANT. I mean MJF is meant to be a big name that I just haven’t heard of but Benji, Deiress, Visage and Santos? With MJF as number 5 we have two more names to enter…

Winners : SCC

It was the vets teaching the young guys some respect or the young guys showing the world that they deserve respect. Either way it was a fun opening match. Storm and Fleisch are always bloody brilliant to watch and it was nice to see yet another fantastic Tag Team match but also a match to actually show off SCC’s talent in the ring whilst having the commentators do the work on the story for a change.

We got to see the high flying ability of Fleisch, the aggressiveness of Storm and that dasterdly tag team thinking of SCC. Not to say Storm and Fleisch didn’t have some great tag team match, the flipping German Suplex type thing from the two of them off the top rope was fantastic and shows why they’ve been around for as long as they have. On the other side of it the Moonsault across the knees to Fleisch was a thing of beauty from SCC.

Shame there wasn’t as much room at ringside as they probably needed as a flip to the outside from Fleish that was caught by SCC followed by Storm diving out on them looked absolutely horrible. Camera placement meant that when the action went out to the crowd we had Bradshaw screaming “look at that” when all we could see were the shots of the crowd. Overall it didn’t ruin anything, it didn’t do anything negative to the match but just two moments that came one after the other that killed a little bit of the momentum of the match.

Real nice ending to the match and great win for SCC.

Afterwards Fleisch got on the mic, called them a couple of twats and said if they come back they’d like a rematch which obviously the SCC didn’t care for.

DEFIANT have a fantastic tag division and they need to do what they are doing with the tag division with their women’s division.

Winner : John Klinger

Deiress has been in a few backstage segments recently and it has made him a little more interesting then before and whilst Benji and Visage have been able to shine in a few matches you never got the feeling he’d be able to take down someone like Klinger, the match was mainly a excuse for us to hear about Klinger vs Sysum…

That being said he got some great offense at the beginning of the match, unbalancing Klinger and taking him by surprise. It didn’t last long and one big bicycle kick was able to turn the tide of the match pretty instantly but the way they have booked Klinger recently he isn’t someone you’d think is going to lose too easy to anyone. Well other than Rampage.

Nice to see a little bit of personality from Deiress and a little bit of fight in a Klinger match that isn’t against a big name guy.

Klinger attacks Deiress after the match and then gets interviewed which… I kind of like the after match interviews but it was a bit cheesy. The entire “IT WAS AWESOME” and then Stevie Aaron telling him that Deiress would be on his way to the hospital when he literally just rolled out of the ring… It was OK but also hilarious and I’m not sure I’m meant to find Klinger hilarious.


So Hendry calls out Kidd for taking offense at his song for him but also for robbing the fans of Hendry vs Starr.


Miller and Adam need to think of a way to stop Klinger, Random Adam is given the opportunity to come up with a solution. His solution was Benji…. Dynamic Duo… Marty Jones….

Well what we got was Adam FOSTER not Random Adam (he’ll always be Random Adam to me) next week against Klinger to sort out the JKP!

Winner : DQ

This is it, this is the moment that DEFIANT want us to change our minds on Kanji.

Started off with the thing I wanted most, some actual half decent wrestling from Kanji. It was fast and precise which is isn’t usually, there were some moments that were a bit odd because she missed some timing but it wasn’t too bad. Some interesting bits like taking down Priestley to her knees then landing a leg drop over her back showed a little bit of personality from Kanji in her wrestling instead of feeling painted by numbers.

Still felt like Priestley had to water it down a lot, there was no real story being told and instead of full on attack Priestley slowly just went through the motions, there was a great big boot and a lot of focus on the left arm of Kanji but it was a little boring to begin with.

It never really got good, I don’t think it could with Kanji, but at least it ended in DQ when Styles and Austin came out together to attack both Priestley and Kanji.

Actually whilst I might have seemed down on Priestley losing to Kanji and DEFIANT trying to make us care in that way I think having her work WITH Priestley to take down Styles and Austin MIGHT do it and hopefully by the time THIS match is done again Kanji will be more confident in the ring and we’ll see a better match and she can get a win.

I just don’t see me ever caring for her, she’s just not that interesting to watch and terrible on the mic. I really don’t care for her which is actually sad.


He is sad for Brookes walking out on him, he’s sad about the Anti Fun Police and he’s angry about not being in the Magnificent Seven match…

Now he’s angry.

I am so excited to see what happens (I ALSO SO WANT TO HUG HIM BECAUSE HE IS PRECIOUS!)

Winner : Rampage

I never at any point in the match felt like Cruz could win, after a initial flurry from Rampage he did get his offense out and slowed the match right down but slow or fast it doesn’t really matter to Rampage.

Don’t get me wrong for power moves Cruz is a guy you can see do them on Rampage and really believe that he’s inflicting damage but you just kind of knew that Rampage would stand up at some point and knock the hell out of Cruz.

Much what you’d expect from Cruz vs Rampage, it didn’t have to be a work of art but it had some great moments in it. Both Cruz and Rampage had a bit of banter with the crowd, very back and forth but it also just lacked any drama or tension and was a bit of a disappointment overall. Lacked the excitement of the last two main events for Loaded but I think it is just because I’m a cynical nearly 30 year old person who looks at Cruz vs Rampage on Loaded after the fuss made over giving Starr his title match and thinks “it’ll be great but nothing to get excited about” and therefore wasn’t excited about it whilst enjoying it well enough. Even the ring bell to the head didn’t make me think that Cruz had a chance.

No cape from Cruz also makes me sad.

After the match we find out that Rory Coyle has his eyes set on Rampage next! That will be interesting…

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