5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #11

I’m not sure if I’ll be watching DEFIANT Live tonight, I probably won’t be writing anything about it until tomorrow even if I do because I’ve just had a difficult weekend OK. Feel sorry for me.

Here though are last week’s 5 Things… These are 5 Things I loved, hated or just thought worthy of a mention and for once there isn’t a single Nathan Cruz mention. Actually there hasn’t been for a few weeks but that isn’t the point.


I honestly love the Anti Fun Police. I always have. They are really getting a chance at a strong story at the moment in DEFIANT and I hope that it continues. I hope it continues because it is funny, because the three of them have great chemistry and because it gets all three of them on TV and doing stupid things together.

Whether it is in ring or backstage segments the three of them are highly entertaining and three of the most entertaining guys in the ring.

Really don’t want them to break up any time soon and it proves that a group of people can be a team whilst never needing to be stuck as a tag team in everything. I didn’t mind so much of Drake had left at the iPPV but now, NOW, I want them to stick together because it is the perfect way to keep all three on TV doing stuff and I worry that if Drake lost he’d disappear again.

Please be nice to HT Drake. He is actually really rather good DEFIANT.

Growing Management…

Simon Miller going crazy. It is the best thing I’ve seen. He basically takes WWMD to heart and hires a assistant then runs around doing stupid things.

I love Simon Miller.

DEFIANT TRYING To make us care for Kanji?

I get this.

Millie McKenzie was a phenomenal success for every place that used her before she completely blew up on the scene. The story of her coming in as a unknown and getting a title fight near on right away and just destroying everyone worked.

McKenzie worked.

Kanji didn’t.

They are now trying in some ways to go back a little and change the narrative but we had weeks of Bradshaw telling us that she won the Gauntlet with the tone that you’d reserve for the first person into the match who battled through everyone and survived. Kanji didn’t, she was lucky. They never played on that though and Kanji’s first “promo” was a long interview that didn’t really make her come across as someone you’d want to get to know but also did little to show us who she was. It was more of a “This is my life” piece that personally made me dislike her.

Hint DEFIANT she is NOT strong on the mic so don’t put her on there that often without a actual reason and someone there to actually interview her.

Now they are changing that. Bradshaw brings up the lukewarm reaction to her by fans, she’s losing constantly and knows it and now she needs to beat Bea Priestley to prove that she is the champion. Whilst that might work for some people because a decent match might get them a little excited it feels like a ploy to do just that and have Priestley pass the torch officially to Kanji.

For me it is a little too late but I do hope at some point that I get invested. The women’s division looks like it might actually be growing and I’d hate for the head of that division not only to be average in the ring but below par on the mic and just overall disappointing. But BUT we HAVE to like her and respect her because she might beat Bea Priestley…

Tag Team Wrestling is the best!

Two weeks, two main events with tag teams and the two best matches of each night.

Honestly hope they keep pumping in tag teams into the division and they keep the quality up, really want to see what happens with the Aussie’s next. Kind of want to see a match with them and Dynamic Duo, not a championship match but just a fun match to show how they’d come up against the champs…

Tag Team Wrestling is brilliant in DEFIANT.

Visage deserves all the love!

So I talk a lot about Benji but out of all the new faces since Loaded came back that I think holds my personal interest the most is Visage.

He’s just wonderful.

Not only was he fun backstage with Santos but in the ring he gives something a little unique compared to the other wrestlers in the midcard and I feel like we’re only seeing the beginning of his character. He employs a lot of female wrestling moves and mannerisms which suits the character but also gives him something over someone like Micky Mann or even Benji in that he stands out on the card. There is a whole bunch of talent there and I think he could end up being a great midcarder for DEFIANT going forward, title runs and the like are far off but proper feuds with guys like Santos or even Nathan Cruz are fine and would keep your attention on the middle of Loaded shows where they can start to feel stodgy.

It is also a perfect example of DEFIANT telling us what they are going to do and actually doing it.

Benji and Visage so far are the two faces they brought in that you might have just pointed at as Jobbers and not cared much for but DEFIANT are pushing them a little bit and whilst they look a little out of place with the BIG names of the UK Scene they are starting to look like important players for DEFIANT in the same way that HT Drake has been.

I love Visage. Really REALLY love him.



And that is it from last week. As I said this week will either be out tonight or tomorrow when I finish work.

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