Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : Double Black

Episode 21

Sōtsu no Kuro” (双つの黒)

We finally have a reason why the Mafia and Agency would work together.

The Guild are no longer just a threat to the two competing groups in the city but the city itself and whilst the Agency fights to keep people safe in general even the Mafia can’t see the city they do business in burn to the ground.

Is it enough to join them together?

So there is not to be a alliance but there… Is a alliance.

As I keep saying I see no reason for the Mafia and the Agency to work together and it was pretty good story telling to show that they won’t but at the same time Mori isn’t a idiot so he sends Chuya to help Dazai take back Q.

At the end of the day The Guild having Q is the biggest problem but take Q away from the Guild and the Mafia goes back to being the actual strongest faction that doesn’t really need help from anyone to do what they want. Their biggest problem will be their egos and as Dazai said the fact that Mori is so scared that someone will follow in his footsteps and slit his throat to take his place.

This episode finally gave us the answer to what Lovecraft is… He’s basically Cthulhu. Dazai can’t nullify him and he transforms into a weird looking monster so you know… Cthulhu.

Honestly love the relationship between Dazai and Chuya. They are two of my favourites in this series and them being incapable of working together whilst also actually being the best team there is just makes the relationship  so much fun. I mean they were facing Cthulhu who was pretty much unstoppable and yet they still found time to bicker and fight amongst themselves.

The fight with Lovecraft was fantastic and it makes you kind of want the third season to start with another flashback this time to something that Dazai and Chuya both did together.

Their chemistry is ridiculous and I hate that they aren’t on the same time.

One thing with this series, like a lot of series, is that it is always at its best when it actually just focuses on one thing instead of a lot of things all at once. This episode was the best by far because it stuck to the story of Dazai and Chuya with the build up of the alliance and then them fighting the Guild.

So Mafia and Agency have both got one over on the Guild. Where will the Guild go next?!

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