Mob Psycho 100 II : Cornered ~True Identity~

Episode 7

Oikomi ~Shōtai~” ( 追い込み ~正体~)

I don’t like this because Reigen is being set up and whilst Reigen is a idiot and not all that nice at times to Mob he doesn’t deserve what is coming to him…

Not sure I liked the way the episode panned out to be honest.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Reigen and I just felt like there was no need to have these episodes really. It broke down a character who was really interesting and fun to make him into a loser that no one really cared for, mean and crass mainly out of boredom and stopped him from using his one ability…

He can talk his way out of anything.

Thing is the TV thing was a set up either way. Reigen KNEW the kid was acting, he’s a good enough con-artist to see a actor at work, but if he had given up and went “the kid is acting” then Shoudou would have exorcised the kid and everyone would have acted like he just couldn’t do it, the way he did go then they said he was a fraud that basically tortured the kid because he couldn’t tell he was acting, if he had just shut up and not done the exorcism then no matter what Shoudou did next he’d have had some witty remark to make Reigen the butt of the joke.

Thing is Reigen would have just said “the kid is faking” and when Shoudou performed whatever he was going to do next Reigen would have done what he did in the press conference.

I don’t see Reigen being someone who would suffer from stage fright and I don’t see why he got tongue tied and messed up so much. It felt like they took a character that didn’t need to be fleshed out and fleshed him out anyway in the worst possible light.

We didn’t need to see that Reigen had no friends or that he just seemed to get bored of things all the time. We didn’t want to see him messing up in the most stupid of ways and if this is all to change the relationship with Mob that he has it feels like they’ve gone a long way to make us respect him a whole bunch less then we might have already done for no real reasons. His whole story on how he met Mob didn’t paint him in a good light, his one line message to Mob wasn’t all that great and then Mob ended up saving him and telling the audience that he’s a good guy when….

We know he isn’t and we don’t care.

Reigen IS a decent master to Mob, sure he can’t see past a few of his own problems and he projected his own life onto Mob but one lesson we’ve learnt this season is that Mob is very much a product of the things around him. Reigen was who he reached out to as a child and Reigen has been there ever since and that was all the story we needed. His way of handling the group of idiots with the haunted picture was perfect proof that he cared for Mob a lot more then we sometimes see and he does worry about Mob from time to time. We didn’t need this entire story that just did nothing to actually develop Reigen or even develop the relationship between him and Mob just to have a laugh at Reigen’s expense.

It just felt too much for no real pay off.

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