Dororo (2019) : The Story of the Jorogumo Silk Spider

Episode 7

Jorōgumo no Maki” ( 絡新婦の巻)

Hyakkimaru and Dororo are back on their paths for random adventures and the guys just trying to find Demons to fight.

This was a really good one though and I loved the story of Jorogumo.

It was such a good story because it showed that creatures can change and that it isn’t as easy as being evil and good. We already kind of know this because the Priest can see the remains of the Demons who took Hyakkimaru’s body parts and organs on him, it was what the warning was about to Dororo in so much that Hyakkimaru lives on a razors edge and he could fall either way.

Jorogumo is the same.

At first it looked like we were getting a story about a half woman, half spider thing that eats humans but it turned into a unlikely love story. Whilst I don’t think it was perfectly told it got the point across really well and it was good. Yajiro was just a nice guy and he even gave her a name, Ohagi, his entire life motto is that all lives matter and he won’t even hurt a cockroach in his house let alone care that Ohagi turns out to be a giant life force sucking spider.

Kind of got a little lost with just what Ohagi was by the end of it, I guess we were led to believe that she was evil due to the “kidnapping” rumours which turned out to be people being smuggled out of the village by Yajiro because the Lord would rather they all died in their Quary then work the people less. Seeing we know that people are going missing, we see her with someone in her web at the beginning and she has a red aura when we encounter her instantly we think she’s eating people but I think she explained it at the end to Yajiro that she eats their life force but doesn’t actually kill anyone…

From what I can see she didn’t kill anyone.

So it was a nice to have that kind of twist.

It also really confused me with the aura thing. I thought originally that it signaled bad things like Demons and threats but maybe it is something to do with intent? I mean it has to for Hyakkimaru to be able to sense a threat. When he meets Ohagi she’s a threat because whilst he can’t see her she’s been interrupted from her meal and she’s also in a way “evil” in that her natural feeling is that humans are cruel and only care for themselves.

Later as she see’s Yajiro basically starve himself for her, a total stranger, and working hard whilst also having that all lives matter way of life she kind of realises that humans aren’t all bad… Or at least one isn’t. So whilst she still see’s Hyakkimaru as a threat (intent to harm him) and Hyakkimaru see’s her in red she’s actually by now more then just a monster.

Does that make sense?

The story builds her as a monster but we slowly realise that there is more to her and then we see her basically change from being a “bad guy” to being someone we can relate too… Even if she’s a giant spider lady in reality. Hyakkimaru is able to hear her want to help Yajiro after he’s shot as well as him telling her she never hurt anyone and he realises that she isn’t a monster and her intent and red aura fades away.

I just liked it.

It gave us a bit more explanation to the way that Hyakkimaru see’s the world and makes you wonder what he’s going to see his family as. I kind of don’t want him to get his eyesight back if I’m honest with you. I’d like to see what Aura’s it is that his family has. His father is bound to be red, especially as Hyakkimaru is his biggest threat and by the time he gets to him he’s going to have destroyed most of the demons giving him his power. His mum probably isn’t going to be red but his brother might be. His brother is going to, by this point, hate him for being a threat to his family and also hate him for holding a place in his mothers heart that Tahomaru doesn’t seem to think he can ever get close too. That is a interesting part of the show that I’d hate to lose before he gets to his family.

In fact I would love for the first thing he see’s with his eyes is his mum. Pretty sure if that happens then it’ll be because she’s been killed…

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