Anime Highlights Week 6

So we’ve missed a few weeks, sorry about that, and some of these highlights are from reviews that might not come out today, sorry about that too, but we need more highlights so HERE ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS FROM WEEK 6 OF THIS SEASON!

Relaxing… No more pain for now!

So in both The Rising of the Shield Hero and Magical Girl Spec-Ops we see the main characters, who have had a rough time up till now, just getting to relax and have some fun.

Naofumi started to grow his business with now a handful of allies and two people who care immensely about him he is able to grow as a human and finally find his feet in a world that doesn’t want him. Then we go to Asuka who has been trying to live a normal life but after seeing the two friends she’s managed to make being attacked she’s been forced to return to her horrible reality. This week though at least she gets to have a day off and just be a teenager with the girls that truly care about her.

Sometimes it is nice to see good people getting to relax and just be themselves instead of being forced into horrible situations they don’t belong in.

Trust in your friends…

A overwhelming message for this entire season seems to be trusting in the people around you. It is something slowly coming to Naofumi, it is something that Asuka is constantly reminded of and it is something that this week Don and Gilda begged of Norman, Ray and Emma in The Promised Neverland.

So far it isn’t really that they don’t trust their friends, Norman knows that to some point he needs to question people because at the end of the day they are trying to escape from someone who has been their mother all this time and it is hard to imagine anyone just believing they are cattle to be eaten by demons and they are handed over to them by their mother, but they don’t distrust Don and Gilda they just don’t want to upset them.

Of course they shouldn’t trust Ray but that is another story…

It led to a great moment with Don but also them showing their inability to think things through as they are caught by Sister Krone.

Trust in your gut and choose your friend…

Whilst Don and Gilda begged to be trusted in The Promised Neverland in Mob Psycho we saw Mob finally turn his back on Reigen when he realised that he actually DOES have friends and his work as plucky sidekick that does all the work is getting in the way of having a life and going out with people who care for him.

It was inevitable but sad.

Find a way to save your friends…

Again… Emma, Norman and Ray are doing their best to help everyone escape, or at least Emma is. We also have Asuka going back to working in the military to make sure nothing bad happens to good people again. In Dororo though the titular character had to help his friend Hyakkimaru from turning into a monster after Mio is killed.

I think you might be able to tell what order I watched these shows in to catch up…

There is a lot I think we don’t really think about when it comes to Hyakkimaru. His story is full of sadness and pain and yet we’re just going happily along knowing he is the good guy just regaining all that was lost to him. How much he understands of this and what way he turns in the end though is another matter, when his first love Mio is killed all he see’s is red, probably quite literally, and the line between him being a angry man on the hunt for his missing body parts and a monster that could rip anyone in pieces is extremely blurred.



I’m sorry that I stopped doing these and I’m also sorry that this one is a bit weak but we’re back up to date with everything so I think we can deal with this now much easier. I’m used to being back at work and have some decent shifts that give me time to do all this, I’m a lot happier then I’ve been in a while and being back up to date with the anime means that instead of binge watching catch up episodes then forgetting what happened in what episode I can just do my notes for these blogs as I go and hopefully have them up on a Sunday.

So again let me know your anime highlights from last week! They are probably much better then mine.


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