Week 43 : What is the most uplifting thing happening in the world right now?

The world is full of many dark things that it is sometimes difficult to remember the good in the world.

So let us have a look at what good things are going on!

This is something simple I read when searching for happy news. A man says “look after each other” as a stranger pulled over to help him change a tyre, I completely agree! Helping someone in need is a great way of reminding each other that there is sunshine out there and something as simple as saying good morning to a passer by could change their day.

If you see someone struggling you might not know how important a little bit of help might be!

On the same site there was a story about Kraft opening stores to give food to unpaid workers during the government shutdown in the US. I know nothing about it but it is always nice to see big brands helping people in times of need!

Like this story about Aldi staff helping raise £50 after a youngster lost the money they had been sent to the store to buy supplies with. Whilst this is on the higher scale of good deeds I have to say that a lot of good deeds in supermarkets go unheard. There is a good reason that people working in stores look miserable all the time but there are a lot who have big hearts whose good deeds are put down to “it’s their job” when in actuality they go that little extra for no reason other then being nice.

Here is another when Tesco allowed a 10 year old with Downs Syndrome be a cashier for a little while. As I said it is only a small gesture and might seem silly to some but it probably made the boys day and it is small things that make the individual happy that is important.

Talk to us!

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