The Rising of the Shield Hero : A New Comrade

Episode 6

Atarashī Nakama” ( 新しい仲間)

We have a new friend in Filo. A giant bird creature that seems to have suddenly turned into a little girl. What more could we ask for?

Naofumi seems to take it in his stride and instantly sets out to get her some clothes that don’t get destroyed every time she transforms and find a path for them all to take together in his ongoing struggle to survive in this world.

With Filo, his cart and his traders pass Naofumi actually is able to set up a nice little business for himself. He helps people in need as well as transports people from place to place and becomes a bit of a legend in himself. I like that this is the path he’s taken, again more then the other heroes he is putting himself into the world to do good and actually seems to care about the people he’s found around him. I think because he wasn’t a gamer he doesn’t look at it like a game and therefore finds it easier to just adapt to being part of the world instead of seeing it as a game that needs to be completed. He can’t level himself up to be a monster and beat monsters so he has to work on creating bonds with people and as he was put on Hardcore Mode as far as that is concerned with the allegations he’s really had to work for things.

It makes it even better hearing that there is kind of this legend growing about him because it paints him as a much more caring and down to earth hero then the others who are all out being wonderful and amazing but not really getting involved in the world around them.

There is a part of me that hates his business mind at times, whilst I like that it comes off OK at the end when he demanded such a high price to help the guy with the medicine I felt like it was out of character. Even asking for it in other forms felt a little out of character just to have it that high but it worked out and I’m happy it did because he’s obviously getting no help whatsoever from the King so he needs to be able to make his money in other ways.

Watching Naofumi grow is fun to be honest. Him opening up, coming out of his shell and getting on with life is interesting. Forging friends out of nowhere and helping those who need it… He’s a good guy and slowly those rumours about him will trump those about the attempted rape and whilst people won’t speak out against a Princess it’ll be nice to see the world be on his side a little bit out of his own good deeds and not just because he’s a hero like the others.

Really enjoyed seeing Raphtalia and Filo working together in the episode. Their abilities with their magic and how all three of them work together to get past obstacles is really interesting, I really loved seeing them fight the Nue and i’m sad that the Magic Shop owner probably isn’t going to become part of his party because she was bad ass as well.

This continues to be one of my favourite shows, it is just easy to watch and the characters are great. It really is watching the Rise of the Shield Hero and after seeing him hit rock bottom once in reputation and once in spirit to see him growing and his reputation growing is great. It feels like you are on this journey with him and it was too much at one point, making you feel like you’d drown with Naofumi but has gone on to be a great showing of how good a person he is even when faced with a world that turned its back on him.

Just a great show.

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