The Promised Neverland : 311045

Episode 6

With Ray in their back pocket, knowing just what they are up against it is time to look further then just the escape but also to learn to trust each other.

This is the episode where Don and Gilda really start to become important to the story. Their investigation tells them all they need to know and after a dramatic fall out with the main three they all decide to finally work together to escape as siblings.

It was played really well with Don reacting in a pretty violent yet sad way, he is a really sweet character and his anger at being lied to whilst knowing it is because he’s weak was really well done, Gilda was a little less interesting in her reactions as she mainly just went along with what was happening being shocked and disgusted at the same time but it is within her character to be like that and she really had her moment to shine in Episode 4 giving Don the chance to shine in this one.

Throughout the episode I kept wondering how they would get away with mass congregations in the dining area and shouting and screaming at each other, they didn’t and I really like that. They are kids and no matter how smart they are they are still just kids and they were reckless in the way they tried to sort this out and got themselves caught. It wasn’t Mom though who is having false information reported back to her from Ray but Sister who I realised moments before she jumped onto screen we hadn’t seen for a while. She’s been binding her time, keeping her eyes out and it wasn’t really that hard to overhear or see what was going on when they picked such a public area to have a heated conversation, again it gave me the feeling they were being watched through the angles they showed the entire thing play out so I liked that in the end we found out that Sister had been watching all along.

She’s offered them a deal, what she wants is going to be interesting.

I said I didn’t like the last episode all that well but honestly this series has been such a high quality it is like saying a series that has A+ episodes every week had a A- episode one week, it was still a great episode. This one went straight back to A+ with so much drama and tension, it was nice seeing how Don and Gilda figured out what was really going on but also showing that they aren’t stupid in any way at all. They feel they aren’t as good as the other three but they came up with a brilliant plan to break into Mom’s secret room and whilst they were nearly caught they weren’t, they also were able to piece together everything they saw and emotionally they are just as mature as the others finally letting loose when they confront the others.

It also gave us the next step. Whilst they were investigating Emma introduces the other two to William Minerva, he has bookplates in several books with Morse Code on them telling them basically they are in a  farm and she’s figured out that two of the books must have some importance to them as well as this society being born sometime after 2015. This gives us a little hint that there MIGHT be something on the outside for them after they finally escape, it at least gives hope that there is something and instead of factory produced goods maybe there are human civilisations that have a certain percent of their children taken to be raised on farms?

Once more it opens so many questions about what is on the outside of the wall but at least we’re now seeing the kids actually question that too.

I still think there is probably another farm on the other side of the wall but we’ll see…

What I really like is that this isn’t the first time that they’ve tried to date this. In the last episode Ray said that a lot of what he has asked for from Mom as a reward ended up being “older models” and in this episode we’re told that the world was at least still human populated in 2015 because that was when books were being published and Minerva was putting book plates on them afterwards. I don’t know if it has been said on the anime but a quick google says this is set in 2045 so that is at least 30 years after that book was published but the kids seem well aware of older things in such a way that they are able to tell if something is dated or not.

It is just a small thing I really like because it gives them some sort of awareness of the world in general and it’ll be interesting to see if we ever get backstory on what actually happened to the world in 30 years to go from human society to demon society eating humans.

As for this episode as I said it was back to its usual brilliance and I really can’t wait to see what it is that Sister wants from the group.

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