Mob Psycho 100 II : Poor, Lonely, Whitey

Episode 6

Kodokuna Howaitī” ( 孤独なホワイティー)

This season has been hard on poor little Mob. He’s been forced to look at who he is, what he’s doing and what he should do with his power with little to no help from Reigen who continues to try and use Mob whilst telling him everyone else is using him.

Not any more!

It isn’t surprising with what has happened to Mob recently that he suddenly realises that Reigen is talking a load of shit. After being called away from a double birthday celebration with the Psychic group and Body Improvement group Mob has had enough.

This episode isn’t about Mob though.

It is about the reinvention of Reigen.

He started this business on his own and was lucky enough to stumble on a proper Psychic with ridiculous power and a personality ripe for using. He still started it on his own though and made enough money before finding Mob to live life, so that is what he sets out to do.

To be honest it is a sad episode in many ways, we find out that Reigen actually doesn’t have much of a life away from Mob and he really projects a lot of his own sadness onto Mob. He had found someone a little like him but whilst Reigen was confident enough to talk his way around people Mob didn’t even have that confidence but with what has happened recently he is finding that confidence and to add on top of all that he now has friends who he’d rather spend time with then someone who keeps him down all the time.

So we watch as Reigen finds his own way in the world now and it is a pretty fun look at him doing what he does best.

He’s coming up against a foe though, that googley eyed dude from back along that he kneed to get him unpossessed.

OK that was a shitty sentence even for me but you’ll know what I mean.

He’s in a trap and I guess this is what will bring Mob back into his life or at least set up for a return from Mob because despite Mob being in the right and Reigen very much in the wrong they are friends over everything else. Reigen has been there for him and whilst he does use Mob and he is a pain in Mob’s ass now that Mob has a real life they do underneath it all care for each other in some way. I doubt Mob will be happy to see bad things happen to Reigen but this will help set up a different level to their relationship.

I don’t think Reigen is in serious trouble I just think the other Psychic has put him in this position to out him as a fake and this will ruin his career.

A interesting episode which will be interesting to see how they bring the two characters back together. I don’t think it’ll go well for Reigen but it is hard to see how it’ll bring back Mob whilst at the same time I can see many ways of doing it. Which path they choose will be the interesting thing.

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