Dororo (2019) : The Story of the Moriko Song, Part 2

Episode 6

Mamoru kouta no maki-ka” ( 守小唄の巻・下)

So I didn’t like Part 1 all that much but a story in two parts needs to be judged as a whole and not a half so we have a prostitute that we’re meant to be shocked to find out that is what she is and Hyakkimaru has lost the actual leg that he had returned to him but also now has a voice.

Even in two parts I didn’t like it much if I’m honest with you. The second part slightly made up for the first but there is still just so much that didn’t make much sense.

I do like how Hyakkimaru doesn’t just get things back and understand them. Him reacting badly to his hearing and him now hating his voice were great ways to basically show what a guy who lived in absolute silence and darkness his whole life would react to getting these things for the first time.

Let us not forget he isn’t getting them back he never had them.

I liked that but I continued not to really like the Mio stuff and I’m baffled by the fight with the monster and what actually happens with Hyakkimaru. He seemed to get his voice back last episode without actually killing the monster but in this episode he kills the monster and gets his leg that he lost back. Does this mean if he loses something to a demon he gets it if he ends up killing it or did his voice come back with his hearing and it was just waiting for a reason for him to make a noise until we realised it?

It was sad that the camp of kids and Mio died but I think I pointed out how dangerous it was in the last episode, if I didn’t it was my reaction to her saying that she would work in both camps. It was never going to end well in the middle of a war and it didn’t, instead of saving everyone she got them all killed. Unfortunately that is also just something that happens but her whole story didn’t work for me and I never really got the point of her. I got that Hyakkimaru liked her voice and the singing and in a way it was his first taste of love but it just didn’t do anything for me.

The Priest is still a great character but he’s buggered off now and the only other thing that really happened in the episode was learning how Tahomaru feels about his mother which we already knew. He won’t listen to her determined that she’s preoccupied with something else but she just doesn’t seem to want to lose another son knowing what her husband did to her first born and why he did it.

Tahomaru right now is a annoying character but I kind of get him and I think he’s meant to be annoying, as I said he could be a big obstacle in Hyakkimaru’s life. Either way I don’t see him greeting his brother with open arms ever so we’ll have to wait and see how that meeting works out for them.

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