The Promised Neverland : 301045

Episode 5

Norman has called Ray out on being the Traitor but is he?

Well… Yeah he is.

I said that I guessed that Norman had put down a trap for Ray and he did, he had told Gilda and Don about rope but told them about two completely different places then he told Ray.

Ray doesn’t even bother to deny it and instantly tells everything to Norman.

It took me two watches to get this episode. At first I didn’t get it at all and as a result really disliked it but the second time I kind of realised that the whole point of it is that we don’t really know Ray and he plays a lot of his cards close to his chest, not only that but he doesn’t outwardly show his personality or emotions to the others so it is really hard to  get to know him.

Ray being the informant didn’t faze me mainly because I knew one of the three would be anyway. I know I kept thinking it would turn out to be Norman but I guess it makes more sense to be Ray who we don’t really know.

How long he’s been a informant and the personality he has now shown kind of threw me though. He’s known about this for six years and whilst his wording makes it sound like he’s done this to keep Norman and Emma safe his actual reaction is that of someone who doesn’t care. Why it took a second watch to get what was going on was because I had to take what he was saying away from how he was saying it to realise that this was how we were meant to be looking at it all along anyway. To Norman and Emma he is projecting this “I don’t care” character when in actuality he cares a whole bunch.

I still like this episode the least of all of them so far because it was hard for me personally to keep up with. I did love Emma’s reaction to hearing what Ray had done though and it showed a different side to her that makes her character a lot less one sided then she came across as being originally. The three of them are still three parts of one character in a way that to lose one would be to unbalance them but there is now a darker side to it because one of them seemingly could fall one way or the other.

Thing is I don’t think he will.

Norman calls him out on putting into action them finding out about what is happening and all that and he has picked Emma and Norman as people he wants to help. When he says that the others will be a burden if he just wanted to escape, escaping with everyone and not caring if Emma and Norman end up as fodder wouldn’t matter to him, in actuality he wants to escape with Emma and Norman because he cares. I think they are scared enough to believe that they have to fall into line with him because they can’t see that, and nor should they. They might be super intelligent but they are young, under a lot of stress and incapable of replaying everything they’ve just gone through and reliving it like I did as someone watching it.

Again it ends on a cliffhanger, this time they get the information they need to find out that there is a secret room and newbies to this plan Don and Gilda have gone snooping for it just for someone to start entering Moms office whilst they’ve got the secret doorway hanging open. Who is it that is coming in? We’ll have to wait and see.

Not that long though as I’m a week behind and the next review will be out tomorrow and I personally will know minutes after writing this review and you probably already know.

Way to kill the suspense hey?

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