Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : Wish Upon a Star

Episode 6

Hoshi ni Negai wo” ( 星に願いを)

With the big fight out of the way and Asuka now joining M Squad it is time for… Well you’d think some special mission or something but it is actually time for more fun with the school mates.

Really happy that we did get to see Asuka just chill in the episode to be honest. It had a nice blend of military, action scenes and slice-of-life without forcing it all on Asuka.

I really find it hard to write about this show for some reason. I enjoy it as much as every other show but I ended up rambling and making no sense. I apologise if this therefore makes no sense.

Character work is what makes this show so good. They base the show in some kind of realism and the biggest plus that has is that the main characters are just normal teenagers. Maybe in a way that is wrong, they’ve been through something so traumatic yet they seem to be living life pretty normally at the moment but I think they go a good job of showing that there is trauma there and there are more sides to these characters then we’ve already seen but at the same time they ended up being soldiers and being forced to live on and that is what they are doing.

That is one reason why his episode was so good.

For a start it had a good contrast between Asuka and Mia, Asuka who came out of the war just wanting a normal teenage life and Mia who is totally focused on her new military career. The two are so different and because of that the introduction of Crescent Moon Sandino was so good.

She was a Magical Mercenary/Terrorist who on one side of the episode was a enemy but on the other was a lost tourist that actually came over as being a really nice person.

This is my point completely.

In reality we have terrorist who do horrible things because they truly believe what they are doing is right, they might have reasons behind their actions but their actions are what the world see them for afterwards. Sandino met Asuka whilst lost in Japan and was helped, later wishing her nothing but happiness, after that she shows up in a brutal fight with Mia whilst explaining just why she turned to the life she turned too.

In one episode they were able to put a lot of depth into a character that in other shows would have ended up just being a bad guy or selfish or a monster from another world/possessed by a monster from another world. In this she was just a human being that went through a horrible thing and turned in the wrong direction through grief. We saw her ability to still be a good person whilst seeing what her grief could do when she was a bad person.

It is that realism that sets this apart from most Magical Girl Horror shows in that the horror aspect is very human and whilst we have cool monsters running around, shout out to a Vorhees Level monster loving that name, they didn’t dwell on the Magical Disas and their war with Earth. No the actual enemies in this are humans. Humans with magical powers yes but humans that are bringing despair on other humans and not in such a different way to the way humans can bring despair to other humans in reality.

Asuka is easy to love because she comes across as a normal teenager, whether we like the brutality used against Nozomi or not it worked so well because Nozomi is just a normal character. They aren’t over the top, they don’t have ridiculous back stories or even ridiculous personalities they just come across as being plain, boring kids.

So when bad things happen and their hands are forced and Asuka needs to fight it actually affects us watching it because what if that had happened to us?

That is why I like the show so much.

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