Magical Girl Spec-Ops : Asuka : A Very Realistic Way of Dealing with a Problem

Episode 5

Kiwamete Genjitsu-teki na Taishohō” ( 極めて現実的な対処法)

The battle continues to save Nozomi seeing no one else will. Asuka has to face the two Russians whilst Kurumi rushes to get Nozomi to safety with Abigail on her heels…

It wasn’t really that great of a episode if I’m honest.

Don’t get me wrong the animation was once more top notch and the fight sequences were really well done but at the same time they didn’t leave a impression. The story was that only a Magical Girl can defeat a Magical Girl, therefore forcing Asuka to take her place in the Spec-Ops team knowing that her friends are going to be in danger as well as they rest of the world if she doesn’t join up with Kurumi and take down the new villains in their city.

Thing is both the fights seemed to be way too easy and showed off Asuka as being over powered. She does comment on how she had to use a extremely high Magical attack on one of the Russians and therefore was depleted too much to break the wall that Queen put around her but overall she had a easy time of it whilst Kurumi, being a supportive fighter more then anything else, had a more difficult time yet still managed to destroy one of two Halloween Class Weapons deployed against her and give it a little bit back to Abigail.

We have a mystery over who Queen is still but I think it is obvious she’ll be one of the six thought dead Magical Girls, Asuka seems to know who it is and as we’re constantly reminded that there were 11 Magical Girls when the war started and only 5 survived it makes sense for her to be the one that left Asuka in charge.

Problem is I’m not invested in that Mystery yet.

Abigail is a fine bad guy all on her own and whilst she’s someone else’s lackey her presence in the last two episode have left me sick to the stomach and it is hard to care about someone higher then her when she’s such a good bad guy on her own. Her and the two Russians should have been more of a force to fight against, Abigail’s Magical Girl attire is terrifying and her use of scissors is a thing of nightmares. I really loved Abigail and it has taken any of the mystery surrounding Queen away.

I’m also in two minds about them erasing Nozomi’s memories to be honest.

She’s now lost a week but how are they explaining that to others? I would have liked to have seen some sort of explanation because she’s acting like nothing happened but she’s missing an entire week of her life. I also don’t think Asuka’s reaction to it was worth bothering with, it made me question how long Asuka had been hanging out with Nozomi but then you realise that the only major thing Nozomi has forgotten is that they went to the pool together and seeing that this all then plays out again anyway I don’t really see the point in it.

I get that they want Nozomi around so they couldn’t have her with the severe PTSD she was left with. They already have Sayako with that kind of thing going on so they didn’t need someone worse. Then again it misses a chance to have a debate about Magical Girls that Sayako and Nozomi could have had in front of Asuka and just makes the entire thing seem pointless if I’m honest. If she isn’t going to have at least a little bit of baggage from it and if the results of her forgetting what happens doesn’t actually effect her relationship with Asuka at all then what was the point in all of that other then to force Asuka back into the Spec-Ops team and making Abigail look bad ass?

That isn’t enough.

The effects of this entire thing aren’t really going to be felt at all and it was two really good episodes that have had their entire meaning swept away.

Plus Nozomi is now a target for life and that is sad to think about.

2 thoughts on “Magical Girl Spec-Ops : Asuka : A Very Realistic Way of Dealing with a Problem”

  1. Yes, having watched the next episode it really did feel like the impact of these events was just swept away. There’s some lingering impacts but really with the build up and execution of these episodes they should have changed the entire tone and direction of the story and instead we’ve just re-established the status quo with some minor exceptions. Not the most satisfying use of their plot.

    1. Yeah I think the problem they had was they went too far with Nozomi, she couldn’t be a character any more after what happened to her and whilst she obviously doesn’t know Asuka is a Magical Girl the scissors thing would have impacted her much too much. They’ve done a good job with Sayako but now Nozomi’s entire story arch has been wiped out and whilst I’m happy it has been because, lets face it, it was horrible at the same time it was like the last few episodes just didn’t count. It was just a way to force Asuka to do what had to be done and whilst it was a interesting story it makes you wonder why bother forcing it and not just have her join after the Sayako story at least then the Nozomi story would have had a different kind of impact even it ended up the same.

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