Grimms Notes The Animation : Ex’s Journey Begins

Episode 4

Ekusu no tabidachi” (エクスの旅立ち)

We continue to learn more about Ex’s introduction to the Tao Family and into the world of the Fate-Less/Role-Less…

Again a lot of what I wanted answered has been answered.

Number one being the bookmark and it is a pretty simple game kind of explanation. Each character has a class of character they can connect with, meaning that all of them have the ability to connect with any character of their class but Ex is the only one who can connect with just about any character.

It makes sense and also isn’t too annoying that the main character has that ability. Of course if there was anyone that could have it it would be Ex and it just means that we’ll be able to see characters we’ve seen before turn up again as they’ve made that bond with Ex.

Secondly it seems the worlds are probably circular because this one is too.

I guess you have to look at it a little differently. These aren’t people living in a book that don’t know they are living in a story, they kind of do and don’t at the same time. So I guess the most important thing is not to over think it.

In this world the Fairy Godmother has been turned into a Chaos Teller and again like Red Riding Hood it makes sense WHY she’s become one and what is happening. It is sad but it also makes total sense in a world that is as black and white as these are. After seeing countless Cinderella’s not being happy with their fate the Fairy Godmother decides to change her fate and make her happy and that is really sad but also great story telling in itself.

It also opens a lot more questions to be honest.

Like why are the Cinderella’s not happy afterwards?

There is a bit of me that maybe thinks that again it is the Book of Fate that is making these things bad for people. If you think about it she has to marry the Prince and live happily ever after but her and the Prince have spent their entire lives waiting for each other to make the other happy so the Book of Fate might not actually help them in actually doing that.

You can’t just be together and happy at the same time you have to work on it and what if the Cinderella’s just don’t?

This is meant to be a reward after their suffering so they put the burden to be happy on the Prince but at the same time the Prince must not have been happy or must have been waiting for a Cinderella to come into his life and complete him so he is also waiting for the reward of his book. Neither of them have anything in common probably other then they are destined to be together and maybe they just don’t want to work on it. We’ve seen that different versions of the same character are different people, the Red Riding Hood we met hated her fate whilst the Red Riding Hood from the past seemed to have seen it as a honor.

The Fairy Godmother is only out to make Cinderella’s life better so if she turns into a brat the moment her story is complete or if they are a brat because they know that they’ll be “better” one day then the Fairy Godmother isn’t going to care if she isn’t actually working towards her own happiness she’s just going to see upset girl after upset girl.

No one seemed to actually care that this pain was real enough for the Fairy Godmother to question what happens next. Ex blindly believed that Cinderella was going to be happy if he helped her and happily left her to her Ever After even though he just fought someone GOOD who had turned bad because of the pain they saw happening to this character over and over again. I don’t get why that wasn’t a conversation that any of them wanted to have to be honest. It seems like a really interesting part of the story that we probably aren’t meant to think about.

My favourite part of this series though is that it mixes the comedy with semi serious stuff really easily. Reina getting all fan girly over the fact that Ex was assigned Alice from Alice in Wonderland was hilarious and the Tao Family are actually a really fun little group to spend time with. Whilst it isn’t the most serious thing ever and it is really just about adventures in worlds that we all grew up reading about it isn’t too much of one or the other thing and I liked that.

I do think though that it is something I need to stop over thinking about. They hang a interesting thread in front of you but then you are meant to just forget that actually that might really be a thing and go on with your life and it is hard for me to do that. Hopefully we actually do re-visit the entire “after the Happy Ever After” thing again some time because I felt it was weird to have Ex so involved in the story to just not care if Cinderella was actually getting a Happy Ever After or a miserable life.

Loved the two part story though, like how by this point everything has pretty much been explained but we’ve also had a good deal of fun too. Neither this episode or the last were too heavy with explanations for anything and I just really enjoyed being immersed into the worlds that we were part of.

Good stuff.

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