DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #11

Last weeks episode was decent if not a little underwhelming straight after Unstoppable which was a fantastic iPPV. This week seems to be full of action though.


So we start off with the Anti Fun Police trying to patch things up thanks to the voice of reason that is Santos.

I really liked that they had Drake point out that he had never been close to a championship match and that is why he decided to fight Dunne instead of help him out. It was a good way to bring the team back together without it being silly and turn their attention away from Havoc and towards Ameen and Miller.

Really hope they do stick together for a bit or at least till Miller is able to wrestle again. Would like to see them properly take on Miller as a group.

Winner : Lizzy Styles

I’m a huge fan of Roxxy’s so I’m really happy to see her on any show and after seeing Styles last week and being impressed this match was something I’ve been looking forward to all week.

Once more for some reason the PS4 stream was fine up until this match which was a shame because it seemed to be a great match. Styles was really good against Roxxy, I liked that she started to show off her character a little bit by having her grab a wet wipe and bring it into the ring, I saw on Twitter she had a anti-make up thing going on but I do feel that her finisher wasn’t that impactful and the end of the match just kind of felt a little sudden.

Was a great opening match, nice to see Roxxy on TV again and afterwards Styles wiped the make up off of Roxxy’s face. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for Styles and Roxxy.


Simon Miller has started to really think just like Ameen… Unfortunately his thought was to hire a assistant and find people for the Magnificent Seven match by having people pick lollies out of bag. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen but also so hilarious.

Santos got himself in, SCC both didn’t and then Visage stuck her hand in the sack and got herself into the match too.

Love that Miller’s assistant is yet another Adam. Also love the fact that Santos and Visage started on each other which left Random Adam, my name for this guy, making a match between the two of them. It was a great segment.

Winner : No Fun Dunne

Just because it is a No Fun Title doesn’t stop the fact that people can get involved in the match as much as they want so whilst Dunne wants no weapons he doesn’t care when his lackeys get involved.

This basically meant that Lucky Kid was facing three people and not just the champion.

It was a decent match, I guess I didn’t think Kid and Dunne worked well together. It wasn’t even that there was a lot of outside interference or anything like that it just felt a bit stodgy. Some great moments from Lucky Kid and I like what they are doing with the title but overall it was a bit disappointing of a match.

Afterwards ELP comes out and demands to know where his glasses are from the Anti Fun Police. Obviously he thinks that the Anti Fun Police have them but they denied it and left, I don’t know if that is just ELPs catch phrase now and he just came out to help Kid or whether he actually knows these guys have them but either way I’m all for HT Drake and No Fun Dunne against Lucky Kid and El Phantasmo.


For some reason he’s gone from fighting Omari to thinking he deserves to be in the title picture.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG I want Nathan Cruz to be in the championship match but at the same time the amount of work that David Starr had to go through to get his match and Cruz just wants one after beating Omari… I mean he’s bound to lose the match (which was later confirmed for next week) and that is kind of just sad. I’d have liked to see some build to it and it be a serious match and whilst it is bound to be fantastic it just seems like a waste.


These two are trying to find their wild card. Another really funny bit from them two and then Ameen joined in to make it absolute gold. Whilst their three picks were ignored we do find out that the wild card is MJF who… I have no idea who that is….

Winner : Joe Hendry

Another new face on DEFIANT and I’m happy that they are elevating some of the guys who were just around seemingly to lose every week and bringing new people in. It makes the show seem bigger having more people on it instead of the same old faces whilst actually making it feel like if the fans get behind a wrestler like they did with Benji and seem to have with Visage then they’ll get somewhere in the company.

Match was what you’d expect from this type of thing. Didn’t really get to see much from Kafka but the little we did see like him sitting on the back of Joe Hendry after getting out of the way of a charge into the corner was fun.

Freak of Nature is still one of my favourite finishers, nice to see Hendry back climbing to the top of the company. Can never praise Hendry enough, the guy is absolutely fantastic.

I thought after Unstoppable that Hendry and Kidd might end up in a thing together but after telling the crowd that Hendry is ready to fight the best in the world to prove himself and that he’s going to work harder then ever before to make himself the best it was David Starr that came out and demanded a match against him which we’ll see next week…. Which is a ridiculous match for Loaded. Ridiculous in the best way. I can not wait for that.


Do not have her doing promos on her own, this needed to be a interview because she is a little bit boring. They are trying to play this off as her being able to see her weakness but it just came out insincere and I think it would have been better with someone talking to her.

Do not want to see her vs Priestley, I guess she’s probably going to win to “legitimize” her title run but there is just nothing anyone seems to like about her and her beating Priestley isn’t going to help that.

Plus… To be honest in my opinion it is the commentators that do her the biggest disservice.

Winner : Visage

It was a really good match. Better then a match on Loaded with these two probably should be. I’m a huge fan of Santos and have fallen in love with Visage so I’m happy that it was given so much time and a chance for both of them to really show off.

Santos had his moment of funny stuff at the beginning before a pretty hard hitting match.

Honestly love how unique Visage is, the way he moves in the ring is just fantastic and I’m happy he is getting a bit of a chance. Can’t wait to see what happens at Magnificent Seven because Visage could be a dark horse in that one.


It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good to have Rory back doing promos. It is one thing that DEFIANT have needed, they did so many in such a short period and then stopped them leading up to his actual match which kind of killed the momentum for that match.

Still not sure how I feel about Rory in the ring but his video nasties are my absolute favourite thing from 2019 and I just want to see more of the Sick Boy.

Winners : Aussie Open

Fletcher and Davis are adorable. They are the most adorable duo in the world. They had one of the best matches at Unstoppable and I’m happy to see that they are back on Loaded because it feels like forever since they’ve been on it.

Great start that really showed the Aussies in a brilliant light. The two have great chemistry and one second you’ll be fighting someone with all the speed in the world the next the giant killer Australian Bear will be throwing you around like you weigh nothing. Some fun moments like Fletcher showing off his strength trying to get a suplex, quick pin attempts and they really showed why they are one of the best in the world.

We also got to see some of Whitewolf who are a Spanish team, much faster team much more in the style of SCC then the champions and there were some great tag team moves from them. Nice kicks, fast attacks and I loved when A Kid went up on the ropes to turn and stared down Davis but that might have been a mistake because seconds later Dunkzilla was in the ring chopping the life out of the two of them before picking both of them up for a double body slam followed by double swanton splash.

Ending to the match was really dodgy which is a shame because the actual match built up and was looking to be a classic. Fletcher got the win after getting his knees up after attempted moonsault.

Afterwards SCC came out to… Stand around the ring. So are they now not doing anything with the Dynamic Duo and actually getting a title match?


So Starr called out Hendry earlier in the night but now he’s being beat up by Gabriel Kidd.

This got Kidd suspended and off TV for a while but it just makes little to no sense. Starr doesn’t have a title match coming up and Kidd randomly got a title match the other week and had one not that long ago. His whole I’ve been here since day one stuff is just pointless. I mean I get it, that is all Kidd has at the moment but it was just odd.

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