5 Things… DEFIANT Unstoppable

It is a bit late again but I’ve finally got the 5 Things… For Unstoppable sorted, we’ll have Loaded #10 out at 7 like we’re MEANT to and hopefully be up to date with Loaded tonight.

You’re Always a Jobber to me…

ANOTHER NEW JOE HENDRY SONG! Of course the best part of the songs isn’t just that they are mind games right from the beginning of a match but they continue to be a mind game as the fans get behind them and start chanting whatever it is that Hendry has called his opponent all night long. This time out it was Jobber and boy was it fun. Kidd reacted well to the chants which had a small impact on the match over all.

Still one hell of a tune though!

The cape DEFYING The Hammer!

I am so SOOO happy that his cape got stuck. I hate Justin Sysum and the cape seems to as well.


Right from the moment Priestley walked out to the ring to the moment she punted her way to victory the women really outshone most of what had come before them in the night. The match had pretty much everything you could want and more and they just really were amazing.

One of the best matches I’ve seen in DEFIANT wrestling. Ever.

The RISE of Benji

I love how the crowd have just got behind Benji completely and that his rise to this point has just been organic and feels right. I love that we got to see Benji in a match against Kirby, I like that they have managed to find someone that the crowd has got behind that they can help build up into a much bigger deal then he is now. I just like Benji who comes across as a sweet lad that is loving his life right now.

Him and Kirby are great against each other too.

Tag Team Wrestling is important and needs love!

I love Tag Team wrestling and I hate that most of the time it seems to end up being a bit of a forgotten part of shows. We hadn’t seen Aussie Open for ages, of course Loaded has been building up the Dynamic Duo and SCC and there are only so many things they CAN do on Loaded, but this match was fantastic and a show on why Aussie Open deserves to be on top of the Tag Team mountain.


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