5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #10

We’re on time for a change with our 5 Things… That we loved OR hated about last weeks episode of Loaded.

It wasn’t the most explosive show but it was actually a pretty good one after some disappointing ones in the lead up to Unstoppable. Some great action, some confusing stuff and all that.

Can we STOP about Kanji PLEASE?!

I get it. I really do. They put the belt on Kanji and want to build her as being this mega star in the making. The horrible fact is that Kanji ISN’T yet a mega star, her two month run has seen her defend the belt maybe twice? Her victory was as the LAST entrant to a Gauntlet match with ONE opponent left and most of her appearances on Loaded since have been her talking a lot and in her last appearance looking extremely weak against someone who doesn’t actually care that much.

STOP telling us how good Kanji is and make her fucking show it because I am not impressed and I’m fed up of being told I should be.

Lizzy F’N Styles!

As unimpressed as I was with Kanji her opponent was fantastic. It is nice that she’s going to be on the next show against a much better, in my opinion, wrestler in Roxxy and I do hope this is indication that DEFIANT is going to grow their women’s division with newer faces and not just the cream of the women’s wrestling world.

Her Twitter game over the last week has been impressive too and I would like to say I don’t want to see Kanji lose her belt and disappear there is a LOT of potential for Kanji I just want DEFIANT to SHOW that potential. I’d also just like the commentators to have a much better commentary on her instead of trying to rewrite the facts…

More Simon Miller is never a bad thing…

I love Simon Miller.

Honestly when I was introduced to WhatCulture through WCPW I only really every paid attention to the boys who left to make Cultaholic and even now I don’t watch his videos all that much but boy is Simon Miller lovely. You can’t help but love him and I’m looking forward to his return to the ring but before then him and Ameen are a great double act and I can live with seeing them two be idiots together every week.

Just give us more Simon Miller please?!

Finally getting some variety?!

I’ve been complaining so much about the squash matches that always have the same group of jobbers in them and whilst we see a few moments of what those guys can do at the same time most of the time it is just there to highlight whoever it is they are fighting.

THIS TIME OUT we get to see two of those guys up against each other and boy was I happy that one of those guys, and the eventual winner, was Visage.

Visage has a great, unique look and is fun in the ring. This match showed that he has a lot of natural talent and is able to work a pretty entertaining match, the week he was accused of stealing ELP’s glasses shows that his character isn’t all flash but he has the foundations to make a seriously interesting character.

Ameen said that they would grow new talent (or whatever it was he said) and this is much better then seeing the same faces losing every week to the same people. I’m just very happy to see Visage be given this opportunity AS I HAVE BEEN with Benji. I hope that they grow these talents and we see more of them.

Marty Jones and the Dynamic Duo bringing sun shine to my life once more!

I really like the Dynamic Duo and I love Marty Jones and this whole thing they’ve been doing has been amazing. The two kids are beyond talented and their match against the Models this week proved it, Marty Jones is hilarious when he wants to be and great on the mic…

It is just a match made in heaven and the three of them bring so much sunshine into my life every week they are on Loaded.

More of them please!


So that is last weeks episode of Loaded, I’m hoping to be able to watch Loaded live this week and get the review out ASAP, there should be some fall out to Unstoppable in this weeks episode so that should be fun.

Loaded #10 was a pretty well put together package though, really enjoyed it.

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