Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : Though the Mind May Be Wrong

Episode 20

Atama wa Machigau Koto ga Atte mo” (頭は間違うことがあっても)

Kyoka has returned to the picture and ready to do whatever it takes to save the Agency…

Again it is a lack of everyone understanding what they are up against that goes against them in this episode. Kyoka especially is too young and too impressionable to actually work on her own. She comes to save Nakajma and ends up being arrested which is probably the best thing for her. She listens to all these characters constantly saying that she can’t be anything but a weapon and never listens to the characters who say the opposite.

Again the episode felt very rushed but it might be because instead of focusing on one thing like the Guild taking Nakajima or the Mafia doing their thing but instead had the focus flit through a few different things. Not long into the episode and I could just feel that this episode was going to rush so much.

Fitzgerald didn’t just focus on taking Nakajima and what he wanted from them but he also went to see Hawthorne who survived and seemed to take it to heart that Hawthorne was pissed off about the Margaret situation. He went to a very big and elaborate plan but I’m not really sure I understand whether it was to keep Hawthorne on side or not, he declared everyone under him his property and whilst it seems like he was making a excuse to attack on behalf of his underlings that were hurt at the same time I just don’t really get Fitzgerald.

It did then slow down a little. Q went after Lovecraft which didn’t work… I very much doubt that Lovecraft is actually human seeing that he had little to no effect on him but it also meant that he got caught by the Guild and his power used to pretty much destroy the city. Whilst Nakajima was able to save the day by getting Q’s doll to Dazai it doesn’t actually stop what is going to be a prolonged and horrible attack by the Guild.

What this all did do is make Nakajima convinced that they need to work with the Mafia.

I did say that I don’t see a reason why the Mafia would want to help the Agency to defeat the Guild. After all the Mafia seem to have the worst of the worst on their side and would easily be able to defeat most people…

Problem is one of their main lunatics is now in the hands of the Guild and the Guild don’t really care if the city and most of its people are destroyed. The Mafia can’t do business without a city and it might actually work them taking out the biggest threat to not their own selves but the city itself. Nakajima gets the idea to team up with them after seeing them fighting to save the city whilst falling from the Moby Dick and I have to say I think it was a great way to bring them together.

I knew they would have too, it was obvious they would, but I just didn’t understand where the common ground would be.

The city.

The common ground is the ground they all stand on. They can go back to hating each other and trying to kill each other after the people who threaten their home is gone.

We still have to see what will happen in the next episode but with Q under the Guilds control for a moment and the threat at a stupidly high level I can’t see them doing anything else but team up.

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