Grimms Notes The Animation : Cinderella of Recollection

Episode 3

Tsuioku no Shinderera” ( 追憶のシンデレラ)

So we’re going back a little bit and actually getting Ex’s story. I mean it isn’t really a surprise which story character he knew growing up is it.

It was a good episode mainly because it explained a lot of things away. It has been a while since I saw the first two episodes so I don’t know if I just didn’t have these things get through to me or if they are new but things like explaining that no one else can read your book, so if you don’t tell people what your fate is they’ll never know till it happens, and the hatred and fear towards the Fate-Less/Role-Less made sense to me.

I’m still struggling a little with the Book of Fate. It worked really well in my opinion when it came to Red Riding Hood, this constant circle of fate born to a child every generation in a small village zone. It just worked and her horror at her fate that gave the Chaos Teller his way into that world also worked.

Don Quixote kind of worked too, you didn’t see where this would repeat and it is hard to tell whether it is going to be a zone where no one ever changes and the world just repeats itself or if one of those kids, for example, that called him a liar might end up following his fate. In those kind of instances you’d KNOW that was your fate from your book and I don’t think you’d be that open to mocking people, it would also probably give Quixote a following of some sort seeing someone younger would understand. In that case I guess we could argue that the zone’s themselves aren’t even run the same way.

Now we have Cinderella. Ex is part of this Cinderella’s story, being like a makeshift Fairy Godmother during her life purely because he didn’t have a role to play in this zone and she didn’t believe her story would ever come true.

For this story there EASILY could be a repetitive side like Red Riding Hood. Just because you know who the Queen is doesn’t mean that you know the story of how she got there, a generation could pass between the fated Main Character and the next whilst legend of what happened to this Cinderella has time to fade. Again it is a bit too much of a story though to see it happening in a circle like the Riding Hood story but unlike Don Quixote we actually spend years in this Zone seeing the characters, including a Fate-Less/Role-Less, growing up. Again you could point to all Zones being a little different but it is hard to understand the mechanic behind these Zones at the moment.

It was the first part of a two part story which was good, it isn’t going to rush Ex’s story and also gave us a lot of Cinderella’s too. I think that is important in keeping the feel of the series, after all it is about these people going from Zone to Zone helping people and whilst we need to know about Ex and how he got to where he is we also don’t want to take away from the world he grew up in. Having him being Cinderella’s friend was a interesting twist but it makes his need to help Reina, who shows up in the world to defeat the Chaos Teller, more impactful. This was his role that he gave himself and he was going to go about it no matter what.

Reina is able to kind of explain the bookmarks, the fact that they call forth a hero from some story makes sense, most of the rest that she told us we knew from the first episode but it was more about explaining it to Ex so that when his role in helping Cinderella is over we all get to see him make the decision to create his own role helping Reina.

Next episode is going to be Ex and Reina going to help Cinderella and to a point there has to be something that kind of goes wrong in the episode for them to hold such a big looking grudge to Loki personally.

Before I finish though my only other thing in this story is the Books of Fate in themselves.

So we know the story of Cinderella and the Prince going from house to house to find the girl who lost the shoe. Doesn’t the books kind of destroy that part of the story anyway? His book of fate will tell him just who it is that he’s going to fall in love with, the sisters books of fate will tell them that they aren’t the one he falls in love with and it just makes little to no sense. On one hand theses books seem like a guideline with no real detail to them but on the other some of their books seem to be full of details.

So like the Zones it could just be that the books differ from person to person. Jobs, events etc might be marked out clearly but the names and faces not so much, whilst the Prince might know he’s going to X house with Z amount of people in it and Y is the one he marries he might not have much of a clue who that is even if he has attempted to find her beforehand or maybe only Cinderella’s as the Main Character has a clear picture and most of the books are just like the girl at the fruit and veg stand “you’ll find a nice man to marry” kind of stuff.

We’ll see.

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