DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #10

So I don’t know. It is that strange place where this isn’t really going to talk much about Unstoppable but it is here and doing what it does.

Winner : Lizzy Styles

I like that we got to see a new face in the women’s division, they really need to have more women added to their shows just to stop it getting stale like it does tend to get.

It was more the same from Kanji really. Match was slow and more there to highlight some of the things that Kanji could do without much in the middle. She did a lot of walking around the ring and a lot of posing, started to gain some speed at one point but was knocked down pretty fast.

Still don’t get it. Don’t get her. Don’t get why DEFIANT think forcing us to care by having Bradshaw tell us she’s a “fighting champion” whilst at the same time admitting that she hasn’t had a decent win with her belt or that no one really cares will help. Unlike Millie this isn’t working and whilst I’m fully behind giving the belt to someone new and building new faces in DEFIANT they have no story going for her and they really need to get a feud going for her and get her against someone she works with because at the moment I have no interest in the women’s division at all.

As for her opponent?

She seemed good, she had more character just being someone from Liverpool then Kanji has and whilst she didn’t have any super impressive, fast and furious moves like Kanji her hard hitting strikes worked. I’d like to see Styles up against other people before I make my mind up on her because I really don’t like Kanji.

Not sure what the point of this is. Just DO NOT GET IT.


South Coast Connection are still looking for a title match but they don’t get it they get a match against Storm and Fleich instead. Nothing more to add to that.

Match : Visage

So… One of the DEFIANT jobbers are going to get a victory?

Was totally behind Visage who I think could be really fantastic, I can’t get over the fact that Renshaw looks like a create your own wrestler from a game and I just don’t like him whilst Visage I think has a great unique style and a fantastic personality.

It was nice that they both got time to show off though, much better match then the match with a CHAMPION just before it, Visage had his flamboyant style whilst Renshaw, whilst still very weird looking and plain, had some decent strikes and big power moves.

Visage won with a beautiful heel kick and I can’t say I’m upset with that victory.


Miller and Ameen are pretty great together, Ameen isn’t happy about the Kidd title match so gives Miller a wrist band to remind him in a tough situations to think “what would Mo (Ameen) do?”

Really love them together.


Again it is lovely that Marty is given the chance to just come out in front of the crowd and have a bit of a laugh with them, say what he wants to say and then introduce the Billington Brothers.

I really like Marty Jones being around.

Winners : Dynamic Duo

Pretty good match. Different from their match against SCC, got to see a little more of what they can do without the distraction of Jones (in the best possible way) and it was just up against a different style. I love SCC but sometimes against the wrong opponents they can look a little messy, their move set is very fast and fluid and whilst I loved the match it was also a little on the messier side. The Models are much slower giving the Billington brothers the chance to show off but keeping the match at a decent speed.

Really like The Models and they really need to have more tag teams in general.

So far I think I like Thomas more then Mark, he has more intensity when he gets going and just tends to get what is happening better. He was a great hot tag and I honestly think at the moment he is the one that might shine just a little brighter.

Jones getting involved made me laugh, the piledriver from Thomas was fantastic but I do not like anyone doing headbutts from the top rope. I get why he used it but I just don’t like it.

Great win for the Dynamic Duo.


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