5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #9

Yes late again. My first full week back at work has just left me playing catch up, plus I ended up getting a piercing and spending time with my sister on Sunday so wasn’t home to watch the wrestling or make sure this one posted.

Here are my 5 Things for last, last weeks DEFIANT before my review of episode #10.


That is it. I just like when he speaks. I love that he’s sticking around with DEFIANT and that they are building him as a kind of final boss type thing, I mean he isn’t and he is. He’s more like the special side boss that you get nothing but bragging rights for if you do beat him, you’ll get bragging rights just for having a decent match with him but even just him showing up and being horrible is enough to make me happy.

I love PAC.

That Ending!

If you can’t remember then I hated the ending to the women’s match it did no favours to anyone and I just thought it was stupid.

Lana Austin struck a ref who went down, another came down and continued the match just for the original ref to regain his sense of ability to do his job and DQ Lana after all. It was a silly and overly complicated ending that did nothing for Lana, nothing for Kanji and just made the entire group of refs look uncoordinated.

It isn’t something that will ever come back up in a feud with either of the women or even something that should come up again. It was a waste of time.

Not only that but the match itself did nothing for Kanji as champion so the ending did even less for her.


We know he’s a legend but boy is he making everything with SCC and the Dynamic Duo so much better. The guy has a great voice so hearing him pipe up from time to time is amazing but he’s also just so damn good at what he does. Him trying to get in the ring to fight Sixx was amazing. I love that he’s on DEFIANT and that his presence doesn’t get in the way of the Dynamic Duo but at the same time he can steal his own part of the show as well.

Lucky Kid makes everything better!

Title says it all.

Lucky Kid makes things better.

I said it when he did his post-match crazy thing to Bad Bones and I’ll say it now, he needs more mic time and he is a guy that even though his English isn’t the best, his delivery might be grating to some people and his character is very random so maybe hard to follow can be pushed into the Internet Title picture and do great things there. He is a fantastic wrestler with his own unique character that I just think people will love given the chance.

I want more Lucky Kid.

Are we PPV ready yet?!

So Unstoppable is technically the very next DEFIANT show and yet… This didn’t feel like it built to that at all. Nothing that happened on this episode really had anything to do with the PPV, the champions who are actually defending their titles didn’t do anything, there was no build to the championship main event and the one champion who didn’t even make it to the PPV was made to look weak as hell.

It was like they forgot they had a PPV coming up because they need a much more drama filled show focusing on that PPV NOT the Loaded just after it to make people care enough to want to spend money on their platform to watch the show live or in the follow up.

It was a strange show really.

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