Week 42 : What aspects of humans have made us a successful species?

Humans are a strange species, probably the only one that even cares about success so what is it that makes us successful?

First off, as I said, creating “success” itself and the stick to measure it by.

Think most species view “success” as waking up and going to sleep and avoiding being killed by humans, it is only the human species that have created such a thing as success itself.

Selfishness I think is one thing.

We as a species are selfish, we live beyond our needs and always look to make our lives easier. Even as a group if we see bad things happening to others we tend to use it to make us feel better “well it could be worse” then actually go out and try and help. Most of history is littered with people deciding to do something because they felt the right to do it at the expense of other humans and the planet itself.

Imagination is another.

I don’t know what imagination would be to a dog or a lion but to build what we have built, create what we have created and done what we have done without imagination.

It is one thing humans do all the time just imagine things. It breeds ambition and creativity and makes us strive to be better. I’m not saying that any other animal doesn’t have imagination but they don’t have it on the scale or in the way that humans do or else we’d be living in a world where Bears have houses.


Well think about it. It is a very human thing and drives so many people. Other animals kill to survive and usually don’t kill their own species but humans kill other humans and usually out of a strange version of fun then anything else. We kill based on a hatred usually bred out of our selfishness or out of fear of the unknown.

Then again having the bodies we have helps too. I couldn’t see a Bear ever being able to build a house let alone pigs, the well known house building animals of lore, building stuff. We have opposable thumbs that let us hold things so add that to the imagination to destroy other things which can’t hold things to defend themselves.

The fact that we are scary?

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