DEFIANT Wrestling : Unstoppable

So many big stories were built in the run up to Unstoppable. Four of the championships are on the line, some big grudge matches, lots of tension and a few changes unfortunately due to injuries at the last minute.

Can not wait for Unstoppable.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd/Rory Coyle

This is probably the best story so far of 2019, it has been so clever and well thought out and its blow off is going to be this amazing tag team match with three of DEFIANT’s biggest and most loved stars and a guy who has waltzed into the promotion and made himself one of the most important parts of any show he is in.

First up we got a new Joe Hendry song which made me happy but he just jumped right in the ring with Primate and took the upper hand. It wasn’t soon before Kidd and Primate were the legal men and Kidd got the better of Primate thanks to Coyle distracting Primate.

Kidd kept the pressure on by striking hard and often. His only downside was that he let the chants of the crowd get to him, they were busy chanting Jobber at him after the new Joe Hendry single was debuted and it let Primate get the tag to Hendry who took on both Kidd and Coyle for a short period before Coyle become the legal man and was able to isolate Hendry and keep him on the mat.

To be honest it was a very slow match and a little on the confusing side. It was obvious that if anyone was going to be the “hot tag” on Primate/Hendry’s side it would be Primate so having the prolonged beat down of Primate at the beginning that led to a prolonged beat down to Hendry just made it drag. In the end the hot tag wasn’t even really that, Primate was tagged in at the same time as Coyle was and it turned into Primate getting to give Coyle the beat down everyone has wanted to see him give him but even then he found it hard to put Coyle down.

In the end Primate nearly got the three count from a spear, Kidd pulled the ref out of the ring and distracted him by brawling with Hendry so that Coyle could hit Primate with a VHS and get the three count. I guess that is the two stories now split with Hendry/Kidd going forward and Primate/Coyle leading to a final show down.

Great opening match.

Winner : Nathan Cruz

I do not like that they had this dramatic character change with Cruz after his loss to Omari and then just because he got his rematch that change disappeared. This story continues to annoy me because it could be SO MUCH BETTER and it is like they don’t really think about what came before it.

They had a bloody backstage brawl on the last Loaded and yet neither of them seemed to be angry or determined to have a brawl. The complete contrast to how the opening match started. There needed to be more urgency to beat the shit out of each other from BOTH guys. It isn’t just Cruz being a dick, Omari should have wanted to come down and destroy Cruz instead of saunter down to the ring.

Neither got a dominant start but Omari got a slightly better start then Cruz using his height and speed to keep the attack on Cruz who didn’t have a chance to get his barrings.

Cruz did get the upper hand and spent a good portion of the match in charge of it, it was a very back and forth match with little to none of the actual story added to it. Even with Bradshaw reminding us every second of what has led to this it just had no real drama to it.

Very much liked the end of the match though with the three Show Stolen’s to Omari putting him down. I was worried how it would end after a pin attempt earlier where Cruz tried to use the ropes to help him get the victory but I liked it. I don’t really know what this is going to do for either wrestler in the long run but… My fears are kind of over a little bit.


I love PAC. That is all because all he did was insult everyone in Manchester without even being in Manchester.

Winner : Justin Sysum

So John Klinger is trying to take on David Starr for the most nicknames and also seems to be channeling Randy Savage. Then Sysum’s cape did me a  good ‘un and got trapped in the stairs.

Match was pretty much what I thought it would be. Sysum isn’t that interesting personally for me to watch and vast parts of the match were just Klinger beating the shit out of Sysum, there were a few times where Sysum fucked up and/or just looked terrible but one high flying move in the end out of nowhere and he won.

Because of course he would.

I have 0 interest in the match, 0 interest in a wrestler that is as poor as Sysum compared to those around him, knew they’d have Sysum win even though Klinger is so good and had even less interest in the after match beat down that means we’ll probably have to see this match again.

I. Do. Not. Like. Justin. Sysum.

Winner : No Fun Dunne

So Jimmy Havoc is injured so wasn’t at Unstoppable, Ameen therefore stripped Havoc of the title and gave it to Dunne but told him that he had to fight a member of the Anti Fun Police to get it and if they didn’t fight each other than they were all fired.

At first it looked like we’d get HT Drake just lying down for Dunne but he kicked out just before the three count and went for a roll up himself. I guess because of that the beginning of the match was pretty slow but it sped up when Drake took control of the match and upped the pace a little bit. Santos kept trying to get involved to talk sense into Drake but he just isn’t the kind of guy that will lie down and lose.

If this is Drake leaving the Anti Fun Police 100% then I’m happy. I kind of liked that the whole thing with them showed a different side to Drake, allowed him to get some good matches and TV time as well as get him away from the constant losses as the Gimmick Killer. We got to see some great wrestling from Drake, him and Dunne were actually really good against each other and it’ll be fun to see where he goes from here.

For a man who wanted to be Anti Hardcore Dunne ended up not so against using the weapons that Drake brought to the ring. Drake put Dunne through some chairs whilst Santos basically won the match for Dunne by throwing Drake off the top rope into a table then rolling him back into the ring.

The Hardcore title stays with Dunne and is being rebranded as the No Fun Championship.

After the match Ameen came down to have a go at Drake for getting in the way of the Phantasmo glasses inquiry but he also announced that Simon Miller ALSO has a problem with Drake. Miller and Ameen end up taking out Drake to end the rather miserable night for Drake.

Winner : Bea Priestley 

Now THIS I loved.

I loved that Priestley got to the ring and started throwing chairs in to show that she was going to fuck Austin up. They told a story that some of these matches forgot to do and it looked like there was a whole bunch of bad blood between the two of them. Austin did the normal Austin thing of not wanting to get into the ring so Priestley followed with a chair and it was just a good story from the moment the first competitor got to the ring.

They didn’t bother with the ring having Austin try to get away from Priestley and ending up at the back of the crowd just brawling with each other. Loved the drop kick from Priestley to Austin who was sat on some of the chairs, it looked a lot cooler then I would have thought it would look, Priestley utilized her kicks to knock the sense out of Austin but there was also a great little moment where Austin kicked Priestley a few times then ended up headbutting her. Like I can’t explain it but it was just a fantastic little move and once again, along with things like choking Priestley with her own belt, showed just how much the two of them wanted to destroy the other one.

The Curb Stomp into the chair followed by punt to Austin’s head whilst resting in the chair was just a phenomenal ending to a great match. The ladies honestly stole the show.

Winner : Martin Kirby

It was meant to be Phantasmo vs Kirby but ELP comes out at the beginning of the match to announce that he’s broken his finger and got himself a concussion, plus he doesn’t still have his shades, so he can’t face Kirby.

OK the Shades thing wasn’t really anything to do with anything but still. Sad that ELP couldn’t face Kirby because that match would have been amazing to see but also kind of happy to see Benji get his title match.

Match was fun, liked that Benji was shown to have grown wise to the tricks of Kirby. Made sense to see Kirby take control of the match, there were some fun moments like him flicking Benji’s head band at him but at the same time it was a underdog tale. The fans didn’t really get behind Benji like they do back in his home town of Newcastle but personally you wanted to see Kirby get his comeuppance, kind of knew it wouldn’t come a second time from Benji but you could hope.

It was a sad ending with Kirby going for his new move just to once again go on and on and get caught out with a roll up. The music for Benji started to play after only a two count so Benji thought he’d won before Kirby grabbed him from behind and put him in a submission move.

Great match, great story and whilst I’m sad for Benji I think Bradshaw milked it a little bit. I don’t think it worked out the way it was meant to so him saying that it was close wasn’t really true and then the crowds started chanting “you tapped out” which kind of ruined it as well.

Never mind.

It was good.

Winners : Aussie Open

Brookes and Kid are a weird team but also a really good team, in a strange way they really kind of work as a duo. I hate that we don’t see enough of Aussie Open on Loaded and I find it annoying that they are kind of stuck in this feud thing with Brookes when I kind of just want to see DEFIANT bring in more tag teams so that we can see some real challenges for Aussie Open. Don’t get me wrong EVERY team mate Brookes has brought with him has challenged the Aussie’s but I just want a proper feud.

It was fun though.

Then again it wasn’t funny like the last match that Brookes and Aussie Open had, they seemed to get more annoyed with Lucky Kid and his antics more then anything. Loved Davis just sprinting around the ring to chop the life out of Kid then catching Brookes throwing him onto the floor just to chop him too, the Aussie’s seemed much more riled up and ready for a fight then we’d seen them before whilst Brookes was also up for a fight and as Bradshaw said early on… Or it might have been Kennedy or both, when he actually gets down to business Lucky Kid also was pretty ruthless and vicious when he put his head down and started to actually fight.

Both teams worked so well but I think I just love watching Aussie Open’s double team moves. The use of the two styles, Davis picking people up and throwing them around and Fletcher running around and giving moves extra momentum, really meld well together and makes their moves look really dangerous. Brookes and Kid had some good synchronized moves and actually, when Lucky Kid was focused, did well to organise themselves as a team but their moves didn’t look half as impressive as Aussie Opens. I mean they wouldn’t seeing they aren’t a tag team but they also didn’t have that great contrast in styles that Fletcher and Davis have.

I wanted the Brookes/Aussie Open thing to stop but honestly… I agree with Kennedy that I’d like to see that match again.

Winner : Rampage

Bit of a weird one, it was one of those crowds that just didn’t want to cheer Rampage so the crowd were nearly totally behind Starr. Both of them got to show off their characters, some great moments like Starr patting Rampage on the head but the main story was that Rampage is a big, bad hard hitting bastard and David Starr needed to find something to throw at him.

It was like hitting a brick wall but that wall could also probably out run you too.

Compared to the match before it obviously it was more technical, much slower and more of a slug. There was a lot of Rampage just hitting Starr very hard or running into him at full throttle and Starr having to find a way to even just get back to his feet. Neither had any respect for the other which made all the strikes feel a little more important.

Like most of Rampage’s match it was just a scary showcase of his strength and brutality, at the same time it was a show of just how much David Starr wanted to win that belt. Again it is a story that I feel didn’t get enough time on Loaded or at least some of the stuff between the two had been so long ago that it would have been nice to have seen them last week but that is a minor quibble because the match was so good.

In the end Rampage won and it is hard to think what is going to happen next in the title picture.


Overall Unstoppable was just a amazing iPPV. All through the card the matches were top quality, some great moments and everyone on the show were given the chance to let their characters and stories shine through as best they could.

Second half of the night was just one fantastic match after another and a lot of questions on what pretty much all the girls and boys futures hold after this show. Where does Priestley fit into the women’s division now? Who next for all the champions? WILL ELP EVER GET THOSE FLIPPIN’ GLASSES BACK?! Where next for David Starr? Will Brookes end up fighting Lucky Kid because I so hope they do…

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