Mob Psycho 100 II : Discord ~Choices~

Episode 5

 “Fuwa ~Sentaku~” (不和 ~選択~)

We already know that there is going to be a good look at who Mob is and what makes him tick in this episode but I didn’t really expect it to go the way it did.

It was a pretty difficult episode to watch as Mob continued his battle with Mogami.

I thought we’d be looking into what makes Mob, Mob but instead we got something a little different. Mogami basically traps Mob in a nightmare that lasts for him about 6 months. It broke him down, being told that this was a parallel to the real world and that the only difference is that he didn’t have any powers but I don’t think that is right. Mob has never been one to show off his powers or care for them, whenever he’s gone out there to do something for himself or others he’s done it not because of his powers but because of who he is. I don’t really think his brother would give up on him just because he didn’t have powers and similarly why wouldn’t he also join the body improvement group just because he didn’t have them?

Mob was thrown into a nightmare and told that this is what happens when you squander your powers but in reality he was being shown the deranged rantings of a man that felt victimised after the death of his mother. He couldn’t help her and whether or not she really returned as a spirit or not or whether she truly felt the way he thinks she did he decided to lay blame on the rest of the world for his problems.

That is completely different from Mob.

We’ve seen just in this series so far that he’s having problems even distinguishing between a spirit and human’s rights. He didn’t want to exorcise the family of spirits because they hadn’t done anything at the same time he felt bad for the guy who was using his ability to stalk a girl because he obviously cared about her. Mob lives at the same time in the grey area and in a world of black and white.

Whilst it is obvious that someone who has been stalking someone else is a creeper and that just because he liked her and obviously did a lot to do what he did doesn’t mean that she should like him Mob lives in this inbetween where he can’t see past his own very narrow black and white pictures.

The guy isn’t a creep to him, he did something wrong but he is a human that was in love and he doesn’t get why the woman wouldn’t at least give him a try because whilst he doesn’t see the world in the way we do and therefore lives in our grey area he also see’s the world simply beyond that of our own simplicity. To him humans should strive to get on, be nice and give each other a chance, he himself knows this doesn’t happen and in fact doesn’t always do things that are nice to others, at the same time he’s coming to understand that some spirits are also not exactly evil and should be given the chance to live their own lives as long as they aren’t harming people. Some spirits are people who have lost their lives too early and just want to eek out a little bit more of a existence before they pass on.

It took Dimple coming and snapping him out of the mindset that Mogami was basically brainwashing him into for him to be able to battle back and when he realised that actually HE was the one making his life better and by being a better person and every day slowly changing a little bit more he was able to help others and also help change others.

The battle was pretty epic, I really enjoyed the animation on it and it was fun to watch and of course in the end Mob won in the way that Mob always does.

He’s innocent.

He’s sweet.

He believes in people.

By doing so he’s been able to change Asagiri, whether she changes completely or not is another matter but we’ll see. Mob himself wants to use his power to help people but it’ll be interesting to see if this episode had a effect on him in a bigger way because he already kind of wanted to help people anyway.

Interesting episode.

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