Dororo (2019) : The Story of the Moriko Song, Part 1

Episode 5

Hyakkimaru has his sense of sound back but is sound all it is cracked up to be?

Dunno about this episode, it is only part one of two but there is something about it I just didn’t like.

I get that Hyakkimaru liked the sound of Mio singing, I think it was nice that he wanted to hear her sing and I actually think it was right to have him freak out about being able to hear for the first time. The Priest is right in so much that whilst feeling might be a weird thing to experience for the first time actually hearing things must have been much worse. He might all of a sudden feel pain when he’s in it but sound is a distraction he never had to deal with, if he ever gets his eyesight back over his current vision then that will probably be the only sense I can see him getting that would be more of a distraction.

That being said it made the story feel like it was just lumbering along.

Mio wasn’t the most interesting of characters and the shocking revelation at the end… Wasn’t really that shocking. “She makes more money at night” in the middle of a stand off doesn’t take a genius to work out what she was doing with herself. The fact that Hyakkimaru got attached to her voice was sweet but that didn’t make her a interesting character and personally I didn’t like her voice and the song grated on my nerves so her presence which was helping Hyakkimaru actively made me want to switch off.

So I get what the episode was doing and I like that it was exploring Hyakkimaru actually having to get used to having these things. He has to get used to hearing it doesn’t just return and he’s like “OK I can hear now” they’ve made it difficult for him which is good. It is what it should be.

Then again it is only part one of two, it left with a pretty big cliffhanger and it isn’t really right to judge a story that has two parts on only the first half. Whilst the episode left a lot to be desired I’ll be interested in watching it and the next episode back to back and seeing if my feeling changes watching the story in its entirety.

What I did like was Dororo.

I worry all the time that he is going to be the thing that puts me off the show but he actually isn’t that bad of a character. I liked that he was willing to help out around the building that Mio let them stay in and that he is acting like a little brother to Hyakkimaru even though, obviously, Hyakkimaru doesn’t have a clue who he is or what he wants.

His interactions with the kids made the kids much more interesting then Mio who the episode was more about but I worry what he’s going to do now he knows what Mio is. At the end of the day she’s making money and unless Dororo can come up with a better way for her to do so and look after all these orphanages I really don’t see what the point of him ever finding out was. I feel it is going to turn into one of those “you shouldn’t be doing that” speeches but at the end of the day she has nothing else and needs to look after about 5 young children all of whom seem to be missing limbs or something.

Guess it is just one of those things.

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