DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #9

Again sorry this is late, hopefully I’ll be able to watch this week’s episode as I’m not working…

Episode 9 see’s the Kanji and Rampage in action as well as the in ring debut of the Dynamic Duo as a tag team against SCC. It will also no doubt continue the search for ELP’s glasses which is a saga that just refuses to go away.

Winner : Kanji (DQ)

It wasn’t a bad match but once again personally I didn’t see anything special from Kanji. Lana Austin dominated most of the match and to be honest should have been disqualified after taking down the first ref with a chair instantly. It did a lot to build up the match against Priestley at Unstoppable, that match is going to be great, but did nothing to build up their champion.

As she WASN’T disqualified right away the ending of the match was pretty crap and really did no favours for Kanji who didn’t even get a chance at like a quick roll up or something. She looked weak as hell, the refs look stupid as hell but at least Lana looks bloody dangerous.


So apparently it was Lucky Kid all along that stole ELP’s glasses and he is arrested which gives Dunne his match against Jimmy Havoc at Unstoppable.

Honestly can’t tell you how much I love Lucky Kid. His reaction to having the Anti-Fun Police and General Ameen in his face was amazing, honestly this guy could be a big thing for DEFIANT and they need to push him into one of the title pictures.

Winner : John “Bad Bones” Klinger

Not much to say really, it is what it looked like. We got to see Klinger do his thing and a reminder that he’s up against Sysum at Unstoppable.

I mean they can’t help it that the guy they had him against went off to WWE but his match at Unstoppable isn’t really that exciting so seeing him destroy Micky Mann on his way to that match wasn’t really anything to talk about.


PAC is back and looking for a fight.

I like that he basically just stood in the ring and insulted the entire locker room, he wants whoever thinks they can beat him to step up to the challenge so it’ll be interesting to see who his next opponent is going to be. Obviously PAC is a huge name so he won’t be around on a long term basis because of his schedule but this is a good use to him. Have him come down and not even get into a confrontation with someone just tell them next time he’s there come and fight him.

Be interesting to see who takes him up on that.


Nice little brawl backstage between Omari and Cruz, they interrupted Mark Haskins who was about to talk about all the shit he’s had to go through recently. Really good little moment.

Winners : SCC

Honestly I had high hopes for this match and it delivered on many of my expectations.

The Dynamic Duo are a great tag team and they worked really well against SCC. Of course it wasn’t a breath taking match, it had moments where you could see that these guys are trainees but who bloody cares? It was fun and you can see the potential for the Duo even if you had your eyes closed.

Really enjoyed that Marty Jones continued to be in their corner and a part of the match in general. Loved that he got knocked down but stood right back up and wanted a fight with SCC, unfortunately that was how SCC managed to win the match with the ref distracted but it builds up this feud perfectly for things to come to a boil soon.


So Benji is feeling confident, the entire interview was just really to get across that he feels he deserves a chance at the Internet Championship after Unstoppable seeing he pinned Kirby. Logical. Can’t wait for that match and so happy that Benji has caught the attention of the entire crowd and DEFIANT seem to have seen that and want to do more with him then guys like Mann or Visage.

Also whoever the interviewer was is the most natural one DEFIANT have. He did a really good job, really liked him.


Go watch the segment because it was just pure class.

Ameen being all super aggressive interrogation guy, Lucky Kid screaming for coffee and just not being in the same room as what was happening. Honestly the two of them were hilarious and the entire thing was just brilliant. Best part of the night.

Winner : Rampage

I really loved how much disrespect was on show, how Rampage just didn’t respect Kidd at all and then how aggressive it was right from the beginning. I have some problems with Kidd’s character at times but I loved him playing Rampage at his own game and trying to match him with his strength.

Honestly was so happy that the match was just a one-on-one affair and the two just let the other have it. Such a good match.

The stand up from the Piledriver was a thing of beauty. I mean Rampage has ALWAYS been seen as one of the toughest dudes on the planet in DEFIANT and I think that was a great little moment.

Powerslam from the top rope basically wins Rampage the match and he goes on to face David Starr at Unstoppable which is going to be fantastic.

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