Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : Will of Tycoon

Episode 19

Wiru Obu Taikūn” (ウィル・オブ・タイクーン)

The Guild and the Mafia are playing their hands, both are going on the offense whilst the Agency goes on the defense.

Will the Agency be able to save the people that the Mafia have sent the Guild after?!

So Hawthorne was really cool but didn’t last long so up next is John Steinbeck and his Grapes of Wraith with his partner Howard Phillips Lovecraft and his “The Great Old Ones” power.

It was a interesting match up against Junichiro and Kunikida trying to save Naomi and the other office girl.

Their fight was amazing and I really like the Grapes of Wraith ability, it shows that the Guild are actually really cool but I think their problem is that they are underestimating what the Mafia and Agency can throw at them. The Mafia is a completely different beast from the Agency in that they have so many hidden super over powered characters that they can just show up at any point like Q did but the Agency wear their hearts on their sleeve the only problem is that they don’t always show their underlying power because they strive for peace not destruction.

As in all wars it has got to that point where the big guns are coming out and you can’t trust anyone or go anywhere without being in trouble.

I really liked seeing Dazai just figuring things out, walking around and talking to different people. It was a interesting episode for him as he met with the Mafia and the government. He was able to rather easily sort out the problem of Q who threatens to basically give him a good time sometime in the future you know…. Seeing that Dazai kind of likes the torture and everything. It’ll be interesting to see them square off in the future and see what Q could actually do to Dazai that might make up for whatever it was that Dazai did to him.

It was a fantastic bit of imagery though seeing how Q’s power works. The razor blades attached to his arm so that anyone could easily accidentally hurt him. In fact I think Q has become one of my utter favourites in the short time he was in the episode.

Later on Nakajima talks to Kouyou who asks him to look after Kyoka, she’s a bit of a strange one and her relationship with Kyoka seems to be a lot more maternal then it can come across as. It is a shame that no matter what her deal with Dazai is right now that she seems to be fully under the influence of the Mafia because taken away from them I can see her being a great mother figure for Kyoka and someone she really needs seeing that Kouyou can actually control her demon.

It kind of feels sad because I get that Kouyou is just so used to this world and being in the dark that she doesn’t believe that there is any other way for Kyoka when in actuality I pretty much believe the Agency would take both of them and show them the world of light if she wanted.

She’s too far gone though.

Fitzgerald shows up to take Nakajima with him and encounters Kyoka which is only gonna cause him more problems.

The war is going along pretty fast and most of the bigger players have been let loose to do their thing. Every single one of the over powered lunatics that are part of each side are out and about and causing trouble and whilst the Mafia have probably the most out there it is because they are sat there stirring the pot.

Their games are going to come back and hit them in the face but it is hard to see them lose with their lunatics to be honest.

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